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Episode Review: No.6 01

This anime looks nice. Story looks like it can become strong. Interesting main character, but unfortunately, it is only the first episode. A genius kid living in a world which is different from what he thinks.

Genre: Sci-Fi

My instinct tells me that I may have just found a good anime. I do not think much in this series will go unexplained. The beginning, slightly chaotic like I like it, had me wondering what was going on. In due time, I found my answer.What I like, is that the answer brought more questions. If this plot turns out like I hope, you will see all your questions being related to one thing that would have never guessed.

Shion (right) and Safu (left)

The story’s place, No.6, is looks as though its own background will cause some conflict. You the normal people who believe the one thing and then you have the underground people who supposedly know the truth. It is another case of the government keeping the truth hidden. It is always the truth that causes chaos.

The characters seem pretty nice. Mainly the two main characters I was looking at, Shion and Rat. Shion is a genius, kind-hearted kid. I know normally I bash on the kind-hearted heroes but I like this one. Maybe it is because this one is actually happy. He does not have a sad story like most anime characters. He’s a regular (genius) kid that comes across somebody who interests him. Many people can relate to that.

Shion – My favorite part of the episode

Shion is that cool bad ass of the anime. If he is friend or foe is too early to tell. He sees things very differently than Shion. They live totally different lives that are completely understandable. With Shion being a gifted, loved kid and Rat being an instinctive, lone fugitive, how their relationship works shall be interesting.

I am impressed with the first episode scenery. It is not even anything spectacular. It is just regular things such as weather, buildings, and their futuristic technology that makes me nonchalantly nod my head.

Verdict: Good


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