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Episode Review: No.6 2

Time has elapsed for years and Sion’s life has changed. His past decisions haunt him until this day as he makes another mistake towards the authority of the city. Seeing a handful of horrific things with a handful of people to care about, it is the start of a new life.When the episode first started, I thought I was on the wrong episode or something. Little to my knowledge, the second episode takes place four years after the first. Sion’s decisions with Rat have changed his life in ways that could have never been expected.

Safu and Sion

The previous episode shows how the questions about the city originated inside of Sion’s head. This episode does a good job of informing you of the important details during the time skip. It shows the aftermath and consequences Sion faces for helping Rat. With that, you see how strong his friendship is with Safu, despite the two now having totally different lives. You also get to see how seriously each other takes the relationship. It is actually quite humorous. Safu is a real trip.

There are some crazy things happening in the city. A deadly parasite is alive, killing people and the city, in Sion’s eyes looks as though they are doing nothing about it. Authorities never do like the people who are smart enough to question them, and Sion just happens to be one of those people. His brain and mouth gets him into more trouble than he can handle.

This episode gets you familiar with everything Sion has to value about his life. Despite his situation, he has no regrets, which is surprising to a few people. This so you can feel his despair in the later half of the episode where everything goes wrong. Sion’s life makes another turn for the worse.

With the return of Rat, Sion is faced with the choice of freedom or submitted to the authorities. It is only through freedom that he will be able to see the truth and No.6 for what it actually is.

Where Sion’s interest of a relationship is, is kind of confusing. I do not if he is supposed to be gay or not. Only time will tell.

Verdict: Good


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