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Episode Review: No.6 3

This anime is doing a lot better than other wit sticking to the plot. Sion, surviving the parasite from No.6, is faced with what may be the hardest decisions of his new life. He must choose to abandon his old or new life.Sion is experiencing true freedom for the first time. It may not be as glorious as his life in No.6 but he now has less restrictions, if any. He is free to do as her pleases. Unfortunately for him, being the kind-hearted person he is, he cannot help but worry about those he left behind. He does not have too long to focus on anybody but himself though. After surviving the attack from the parasite, he believes he can help the city. What he expects in return, if anything, is unknown.

Nezumi (Rat) contiunes to try to show Sion the faults of No.6 that go unnoticed everyday. The coolest part about Nezumi in this episode is his rats he uses to snoop around No.6. It is pretty wise and useful. Nezumi’s feelings toward No.6 seem to be the exact opposite of Sion’s. This causes one of the main conflicts in the plot that can advance in certain different ways.

This is a legit story. Other than the gay moments Sion and Rat have, there is not much to make fun of. The anime if focusing on how strong connections are with the people care about. No matter what you decide to look at, it can be related to a character having some type of feelings with another. Safu, her grandmother, Shion, and his mother each resemble caring people, expecting the best out of everything. It is as though they have not had their share of cruelty thrown upon them.

It takes experience to learn lessons. Nezumi is the only character who displays what it feels like to expect the worst out of the things that seem too good. His life has not been as graceful as the Sion and his friends’ and family’s. Not blinded by fake happiness, controlled by No.6, he sees the authority for what it is. This can damn near cause him to be one of the smartest people in the anime. The least gullible.

Verdict: Good


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