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Episode Review: No.6 4

It’s true what they say. You can spend too much time with somebody. As Nezumi tries to find his connections inside No.6, it looks as though Sion’s presence may be doing more harm than Nezumi planned for.Once again, applause for sticking to the plot. The best quote from this episode is, “Is this the real world”, by Sion. This episode does a great job at showing the down sides to the real world. Sion has no idea what is going on, no matter where he steps in the West district. Nothing is normal for him. He steadily believes that all people, in the West District or No.6, are the same. Unfortunately, his judgement is very mistaken. Neglect what is in front of yours eyes only hurts you in the long run. Being nice only gets you so far in the real world.

Nezumi, is hands are becoming full. His stress levels has to be shooting through the roof. With Sion down his neck all the time, he has no place to think. The closeness Sion is trying to establish is something new Nezumi. He is not used to it. Everybody refers to Nezumi as an arrogant or heartless bastard who they either respect or fear and hate….all at the same time. Nezumi is changing and some of the wrong people are picking up on it. The best time to strike is when the enemy is confused.

What makes the plot in this episode so great is how easy it is to relate to the larger picture at hand. You have No.6 representing the upper and middle class society, while the West District is nothing but the poor. The rich are full of lies, deceits, and most importantly, no freedom. The struggles and extremes the poor take in the real world are seen in the West District. Prostitution, thieves, corpses, hopelessness….all gathered in one spot. Sion, an angel is dropped into hell, alone. How long he lasts may depend on how fast he can lose his wings.

Aside from that, Sion seems to have established a resourceful contact with his mom, one of the few people left for him in No.6. Even though her role was brief in this episode, the anime did a good job at showing a mother’s grief for a son she did nothing but love. She could not move on without closure. Many people cannot without it.

Verdict: Good


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