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Episode Review: No.6 5

The parasite bees are still making their mark on No. 6 and word has got out to the West District. Looks like they will be a bigger threat than imagined.

This episode has a lot of nice things at once. One thing, for sure, that you can pick from the beginning of the episode, is that some people will get exactly what they deserve. With killer parasite bees flying around, of course the ill-hearted people of No. 6 will face their death sooner than the kind-hearted ones.

The parasite bees are active in winter and news has reached the West District. Although tragic, many of the people of the West District do not care. This exemplifies how cold a lower class society can be to a higher class which sees them as trash. People do not care until it happens to them.

What makes this episode so well put together is the dual focus they have on Safu and Nezumi. Safu, although so smart, just like Sion, she has not experienced much of the outside world. A lot of normal things fantasize her mind. Being so familiar with books, almost everything has a scientific reason rather than a social one. At the same time, Sion is able to see the other life of Nezumi. It can feel like Nezumi is acting the life of Safu.

The connection between Sion and Nezumi has become stronger. As Sion admits more, Nezumi asks more, unclear of what this feeling really is.

All in all, this is another good episode. You will definitely enjoy.

Verdict: Good


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