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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 1

Although the first episode is not strong on story and it makes up for it for action. Do not be to fast to click to the next anime, this episode and hopefull every other sucks you in once things get intense. This anime is brought to you by Bandai, the ones who brought you the “Gundam” series.

Mecha animes always seem to attract me. If you happen to mix Mecha action with an awesome plot you have me in the palm of your hands. Sacred only gets one out of the two. The first episode does not deliver the strongest story but it gives some great action. Beautiful blows fueled by pride, greed, and anger. Just the way I love my battles.


The anime starts in destruction. Without knowing anything, something blows up. Without any explanation it is over pretty quickly and you are on to the next scene. Really? The main character, Tandouji, looks cool and that is about it. Aside from that, when he was not fighting he a sad, emo loner. Fortunately, he has his reasons. Though, some of his anti-social action are a bit much. I know if a hot girl is trying to be my friend, I do not push her away.

The main character is given a cliched attitude. Hated by all but actually kind-hearted. That is seen in a lot of popular animes these days. Personally, getting tired of that. Aside from that everybody else is okay. There are a lot of things given in the first episode that raises a number of questions that need to get explained. You have a lot of cool looking characters (the mechas) that will be completely awesome it they have a background. There is no doubt that everybody will be able to put on a good fight after this episode. Unfortunately, without reason it becomes pointless but awesome blood-shed.

A sniper!? Really!?

Before I forget the one thing I found ridiculous and could have been done without. A group of highly trained girls….no men….in maid outfits. I have no problem with being all girl outfits but the maid outfits. They can’t work in anything else? Hilarious.

As I said before, this anime’s visuals look astonishing. The mobile suits armor get an “A” in my gradebook. Prepare yourselves for some high-flying fights. Remember it is mecha, so if this anime plays its cards right, you will see the torn and flying limbs that I love so much. For the first episode, do not worry about the story. Catch bits and pieces if you like but make sure you catch the later half. That seems to be the start of the things you need to know.

Verdict: Fair/Good

It’s nice for a first episode. Be sure to watch the next episode before making any irrational conclusions.


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