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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 2

So Sacred Seven gave me a little background of what exactly is going on. Not saying it’s the best story around but it is enough to make you keep watching for a while. Unfortunately, I cannot find a character to like for the kind of person they are.

I like that the first thing this anime did this episode, is that they try to explain what is going on with all these powerful monsters and why only Tadouji can stop them. Basically,  7 alien stones mutate and give people powers. It is some “Ben 10” (just not as cool) stuff. You have the uncontrolled mutations called Darkstones versus the controlled Lightstones. Ruri Aiba, a Lightstone, has devoted her life and billions of dollars to killing Darkstones. (Kids do not know what to do with money when they have it).

Tadouji- Serious face. oh snap.

From my observation of the episode compared to this episode, I highly prefer the uncontrolled, enraged Darkstones. They are fueled by anger or any other deadly sins and they go hard. Since they do not give a damn about who gets hurt, they blow everything up. And you know it’s beautiful.

I do not like Tadouji, the main character, as of now, but only because it seems that his attitude makes him a downer. Even when it is time to fight, he does not get that serious face yet. But yet, it is only the beginning. He is just now connecting with people and still unclear on what all his powers can do. If his state of mind changes and he actually gets that heroic aura around, he’ll grow on me.

Ruri Aiba, that rich Lightstone that is all up on Tadouji all the time, she is one your “You’re either brave or extremely stupid” girls. She pulls one stunt in this episode that could have been though out a whole lot better. SPOILER: I don’t see how you get in a sky diving plane and everybody on board forgets to put on a parachute.

Hellbrick vs Tadouji

Now Hellbrick, that Darkstone Aiba carries around, is a pretty cool guy. He is about the funniest and most straight forward character on the show. Kagami shows potential too. He is the first character to show deceit. He is willing to do what has to be done to get his way. I respect that.

The Darkstone attacks look like they will be random occurrences. You have that one cool looking Darkstone going around, who resembles Tadouji’s Lightstone form, searching for other stones. Whether he wants power or just cause chaos is unknown. Even so, if he fights anything like Tadouji does, this anime will give you that Mega Man feeling. (You’ll see the Mega Resemblance soon enough)

Overall, this episode is not that bad. You get to see Tadouji connect with some more people. If you have not realized it, protecting people will turn out to be his reasons for fighting. Pay attention to the things that set him off.

Verdict: Fair


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