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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 3

Great job. This episode gets an A for action and creativity but still holds that C for a story. I guess this is just a show not tell anime.If you were disappointed with the previous episode’s fight scene, “Sacred Seven” just made up for it. This episode’s main entertainment contributor goes to the action. In this episode, a lot is seen through action and oh how lovely it is. It is not the fight scenes that make you go crazy, but you will open your eyes. For the story, you find out enough just to know what is going on. By now, the whole plot of this anime should be common sense.


The only thing that is on my mind when I think about this episode is that cool ninja looking Darkstone, Kijima. He was the biggest star of this episode. This episode took their time to give us his story and after seeing, I have to say I like a lot better than Tadouji. In the half the animes these days, te antagonist, the character causing the conflict, always seem to be the cooler person. Kijima has some interesting powers that explains some details of the 2 previous episodes. His has that bad-ass attitude but fighting for a purpose feeling to him. Kudoz to him.

Even though the story is simple, it still manages to be cool. Of course, when something as powerful as the seven jewels come under the control of humans, it is our nature, for us to want to manifest and replicate that power. Surprisingly, did not see this coming. A number of powers and people are introduced in this episode and it is beautiful. It was actually nice to see how much stronger the Dark and Lightstones are, compared to human technology. Overall. you get this epic feeling when the battles heat up. Like you are in the right place.

The most humane person on the show seems to be Aiba’s assistant, Kagami. He does a great job at exemplifying humanity. He knows he is weak and unable to protect anybody against the Darkstones, but yet he still tries. Something tells me he is craving power.

Verdict: Good (Thanks to the Fights)



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