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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 4

Really? After that nice job in episode 3, Sacred Seven delivers and episode that everybody could done without. Complete disappointment.Do not expect anything wonderful out of this episode. If you get amazed by episode 3 and follow straight into 4, you will be disappointed. I think, from this whole episode, there are only a few things worth remembering.


A school festival. The moral of this episode is to show how much Aiba cares about connecting with the Tandouji’s school. At first, you think, “Oh, I know. A big battle is going to happen at the festival. How predictable.” By the end of the episode, you are going to wish you were right because I surely did not predict this crap. Maybe somebody should tell me what I missed.

On the plus side, if you have not seen it coming yet, you get to see Tandouji’s first show of affection toward Aiba. Seeing as how they have to work together for Tandouji to use his powers, he teams up with Kagami and his plan to make the festival successful. Tandouji is not the only one to show some affection. Kagami delivers some of that creeper vibe and proves that deep down, he is an ass hole. The only ass hole worth watching is Hellbrick. He cannot move or fight but at least is upfront about his intentions.

The climax of disappointment

If you are devoted to this anime and want to say this episode was not so bad, I see where you are coming from. Not all episodes of great animes are good. This episode does let you see how cruel and judging Tandouji’s school mates can be. They fear what they do not understand. It is only the people trying to reach out to Tandouji who do not see the evil guy everybody else does. Especially, Aiba and Wakana, the stone girl, who is devoted to making him feel important. Kudoz to them.

You can also appreciate the fact that they try to show the kind of person Aiba is. She seems to be fully devoted to whatever she puts her mind too, especially when it for others. She proves to be the most unselfish person in the show. I commend her character on that.

Other than that, skip this episode if you just want the plot (which seems to be hard to find) and action.

Verdict: Bad


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