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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 6

Never know what you have until it’s gone, right? Well after Tandoji screws up with Aiba, she’s kidnapped and look like Tandoji might have to be a lone hero. How did all this happen?!The right words always seem to be nowhere to be found in those awkward moments, do they? Well definitely not for Tandoji. This anime tries to have all sorts of comedic moments and I have to say, I actually laughed this time. Tandoji’s mixed emotions with Aiba is kind of funny. This kid is too tall and big to be so…..scared of girls. Maybe if he was a few feet taller it would look more normal. If Tandoji had some game, he could be with Aiba or Wakana, but unfortunately, he has not learned yet.

Did I say that?Tandoji does not do much this episode. Pretty sure he will shine in the next episode though. He handles the smaller objectives this episode. Nothing wrong with that. He finally gets to see how useless he is without Aiba. Maybe that’s why he truly misses her. Just kidding, but it should be one of the reasons. He is not the only useless one at the moment. Kagami is repeatedly put in situations where his best is not enough.

It great to see the anime has gotten back to the plot though. Those last 2 episodes were something else. Even though we are not seeing much of Tandoji, I am definitely enjoying every other Darkstone. They have some real skill. Although a lot has still gone unexplained. There was a moment in this episode where I was pissed because….well….they decided to have a flashback for another character before the main character. They better have a good reason for this. Right now, every other Darkstone seems to be cooler than Tandoji. His enraged form from the first episode was awesome. Where is that?! (Tell me!!!!) Even the Darkstone that just showed up and almost had nothing to do with this episode’s plot seems cooler. He better come back.

Darkstone Arakune

As always, the one thing you can have no doubt about enjoying is the sweet, sweet action. Darkstones know how to get it down. Aside from the ¬†first scene, which was nice but kind of unimportant, the other fit right in with the plot and should put a smile on your mecha-loving face. You will feel like Power Rangers just turned into the next blockbuster anime with these fights. At least…….I felt that way.

All in all, good episode. Nothing really to be mad about. Enjoyed most of it. Even the parts I did not like had something to do with the plot so I cannot truly complain. If you are reading this before you watch the episode….I hope you enjoy. Deuces

Verdict: Good


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