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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 7

So the anime has gotten back to the story and it’s delivering quality action. But tell me, why am I still unsatisfied?

“Sacred Seven” delivers another good episode. The plot is coming together, there is nice action, more characters to like…..but something is still missing. The main objective of this anime has not been explained but it is very easy to see where it is going.

Okay, let’s give Tandoji a break for a change. If you urgent to see when the anime will focus on him, his time is coming. Right now, the anime is building a lot conflict between 2 powerful forces and putting Tandoji in between. This episode is the start of Tandoji and Aiba choosing between paths to follow, unclear on which one is right.

If you just keep it simple and just watch “Sacred Seven” to just watch, you will not complain much. The obvious stuff in this anime is easy to follow. Unfortunately, for the people who likes a good story, this anime is just not cutting it. The episodes do not go well together from every perspective.

In this episode, both Kijima(Knight) and Kenmi (Cyclops) try to justify their actions. The anime does a good job at making it seem like that Kijima may be fighting Kenmi for the right reasons, but what about all those other attack Kijima caused? All those Darkstones he released in the middle of innocent people. What does fighting Kenmi, just because he experimented on you, has anything to do with attacking regular people. He cannot say it was to attract Aiba because Kijima had no clue about her.

Everything was going well with Kenmi, even if he has been lying this whole time, until the end of the episode. The way Kijima and Fei, the Lightstone around Kijima, try to ruin his name in front of Aiba and Tandoji is cool. The kind of person they describe him as is your typical rich backstabber. It even enjoyable that they brought in the fiery Darkstone from the last episode and tied him in with the story. That was cool. But they spoil almost every possible cliffhanger in the last few minutes of the episode.

If you try to link the plot through all the episodes, you might get confused. Even until now, none of this really required Tandoji. If Kenmi spends all his time chasing Kijima, where was he when he caused all these huge Darkstone attacks in the beginning of the series. Unless he chose to ignore them, it does not makes sense.

On the plus side, at least some things are explained. I’m glad they chose to bring back the fiery Darkston from the beginning of the last episode and tie him in nicely with what’s going on. He has a legit background with some of the characters and I am pleased with that.

All in all, good episode for Sacred Seven standards.

Verdict: Fair/Good


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