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Check Out This New Anime: Thundercats Episode 1-2

Deciding to take a crack at an Anime Review for once. Today I will be reviewing the very 1st episode of the revamped Thundercats Series is currently shown on Cartoon Network. HOOOOOOOOOO!

First and foremost this is an “American Anime” or what us Americans depict as anime. A great example would be like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Now initially this anime looked pretty awesome with all the hype CN was building up. The animations looked great, character designs looked great, and the atmosphere felt great. But most of us were thinking “Will it live up to its predecessor in terms of quality?” And that’s just what it did!

Premise: The series starts off in a time of prosperity for the cats in the Thundercats universe. The cats are the dominant species and are living their lives without a care in the world. Except everything outside of the city. You see the cats live in this fantasy where they think technology left by their ancestors no longer exists. All of them believe this but young Lion-O son of Claudis, Leader of the Thundercats.


Character Designs

Loin-O -In this series we get a much younger looking, and quite naive Lion-O that has much to learn before hes is granted the Sword of Omens which holds the Eye of Thundara, the source of the Thundercats power. In his opening scene you see him on the streets helping out the less fortunate, until they learn he is the prince.

Cheetara -Cheetara here is a very mysterious character to begin with. Always poping up at random times to help Lion-O out of his shenanigans. She brings her signature bo staff and extreme super speed into fights to quickly dispatch enemies. and you get hints of an attraction between her and Lion-O

Tygra – Here Tygra plays the role of the adopted older brother to Lion-O. He’s the more favored son of Claudis , but can’t succeed the throne due to the blood-line. But that doesnt effect their relationship at all. Lion-O and Tygra are brothers through and through. Tygra shows his whip-like bolas weapon and his ability to turn invisible in fights.

Panthro -Not much is know about Panthro in this series yet. I could tell you the little bit that is know but it would spoil a key plot point in the beginning. But we do know he is Claudis’ most trusted General of the Thundercats and still uses his cat-claw nunchucks.


WilyKit and KilyKat – The twins are back also! They are both street urchins and pickpockets with aspirations to find the lost city of Eldora and become rich. These two haven’t been developed yet but we do know that they will eventually meet up with the team.

Snarf –Snarf is depicted as Lion-O’s pet in this rendition. He doesn’t talk but makes various animal noises. And yes he is far less annoying and brings more of a cute factor to the series.


Verdict: Great

This series is definitely worth watching even if you aren’t a Thundercats fan. But how can you not be?! The threat of the lizards and Mumm-ra are still present but im not giving anything else away so go watch the 45 minute premiere episode and let the nostalgia flow through you. And I guarantee when Lion-O says the famous “Thunder…….Thunder……Thunder….Thundercats HOOOOO!” You will get goosebumps.

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