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Final Impressions: Break Blade

The end to my favorite anime in a long time has come. With “Break Blade” being a must see anime, I give it its last review. It’s the best of animes that end so quickly.

Story (Excellent): People see war in many different ways. Some think it is necessary and other believe it only makes situations worse. The key factor to this story is how it separates a group of friends, putting them in different positions on the battlefield, even those fighting on the same side. It shows the power that time can have on people. The power of time has the ability to almost completely change a person from who you once knew. Almost nobody is immune to the effects of time and this anime shows that it takes another person to see the change within yourself.

Rygart and his golem Dalpheen

This anime shows another interesting thing as well. Sometimes, it’s that one person who nobody thought could do anything that makes all the difference. The source of power in this anime are sorcerers, people who have the power to move crystals to their will. With this power they are able to power and control the simplest household items to the most powerful weapons, such as the golems. To our luck, the main character, Rygart, is a non-sorcerer, a person unable to move crystals. Ironically, he is the one that exhibits the most potential.

Rygart makes the perfect main character and the main contributor to this story because he is literally dropped into the war. With almost no training and being one of the most kind-hearted people in the anime, he takes us through what if feels like to get your first kill. When believing nobody deserves to die, you get to see what it feels when what you thought you never had to do is what you must do. You experience how it feels when your actions destroys not you but others. Even in your hardest times, doing nothing and quitting…..only makes it worse.

Characters (Excellent): If you give a variety of characters, inside and outside, you are making a great anime. No character in this anime is the same. Even the minor characters bring a lot to the table. It is easy to see what motivates one in battle. The feelings of anger and sadness are exhibited in a way that sucks you into the anime. This anime, does not prolong the lives of characters. People die everyday in war and this anime does a great job at showing that nobody is safe from death’s grasp.

Sigyn (left), Rygart (center front), Zess (right), Hodr (center back)

On the battlefield and off, you get a sense of strong emotions. On the battlefield, those new to war experience deaths of people they care about for the first times and go into an anger phase. Here, you get to see the strengths and weaknesses of anger. The power erases the pilots fears, allowing them to slash away at golems, not giving a care about death. The weakness blinds them from being overpowered, resulting in an end if not stopped.

Off the battlefield, some people turn to totally different people. They are able to separate their lives of killing and pain from their lives of social life and relations. Those who do not ever touch the field, such as King Hodr and Queen Sigyn, do an awesome job at showing sympathy and fear for when they feel there is nothing they can do at such critical time.

Another key thing which adds on to the variety of characters is the variety of golems. Each character on the battlefield who plays a role in the plot either has a unique golem or unique fighting style.

 Action (Excellent): The action is completely amazing. Being this a mecha-anime, you get to see shot and chopped off all the time. The fact that the anime is not afraid to let people die, means you get a lot of those critical blows that make you open your eyes or jump back in your seat. Some of the golems do some quite amazing things. The variety once again plays a role in this. When you have a unique golem, you see other golems fall in cool ways. When you see somebody with a great fighting style but common golem, they are the one who really put on the show.

Girge's red golem (left)

This section would have to be dedicated to Rygart, General Baldr, and his son Girghe. Rygart has the most unique golem because of his lack of sorcery. His golem makes up for that with a lot of power and speed and can easily pull of feats which other golems fail to do. Rygarts lack of training and unique and simple weapons to the show are a treat. General Baldr and Girghe are just talented. Piloting the most common golems, they are able to become one man armies. Their fights are always a beauty.

Animation (Excellent): The visuals of this anime gets an A. This is mainly thanks to the detail put in the golems, blood, and some of the scenery. It’s a real treat for the eyes. The main women have some nice bodies to, if I do say so myself.

Sigyn (left), Cleo (middle), Narvi (right) – Not bad on the eyes.

Music (Good): The music is good. Goes with the situations at hand. The moments without music are good too.

Verdict (Excellent): This not an anime to miss. If you love mechas you will love this. If they decide to continue this it will be one of the greatest anime decisions ever. It’s a real emotional-action treat.



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