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First Impressions: Kaze No Stigma

Here’s the overall review of the first few episodes of Kaze No Stigma. This anime kicks it off at a great start and excels for many reasons.Story (Excellent): “Kaze No Stimgma” brings a great story to follow. You have magic users who manipulate elements such as fire and wind. As destructive as fire is, it is seen as the most powerful element. The anime is not great because of the powers but the conflicts in the plot which it presents. The main conflict is between Kazuma, the main character, as he deals with yoma (demons) and a family which has abandoned him because of his lack of power. The anime focuses on situations where he is constantly faced with members of the family which he and many others despises.

Rin (Left) and Kazuma (Right)

You reap what you sew. This anime shows a lot of judgement for those who see themselves about others and act irrationally. No real problem can be solved with just pure anger. Anger seems to be the key behind most actions in this anime. Here, it only makes things worse than they already are, putting people in worse situations than they started.

Characters (Good): The only reason the “Characters” did not get an “Excellent” rating is because of most of the minor characters. The main characters are awesome because they are unique. Everybody is not after the same goal, like becoming the strongest warrior, savior, or any of that other cliched stuff. The people who do have those intentions have their own reasons which fit the information given about their lives. Kazuma, for example, one reason he seeks power is to prove the family which has thrown him away for being weak that he is indeed strong. Then we have Ayano, is heir to the throne to the most powerful fire magic family. The pressure of this affects her seeing as how she is already emotional. It is easy to see that she constantly worries about how other judges her.

My most favorite part about the characters is the Kannagi family. Using flame, it is nice that flame seems to be one of the man fuels for their power. At first it did not seem amazing but some things take time. What got me, is that everybody does not use anger the same way. Applying this to only some of the main characters, because only they truly show real differences between each other, everybody does not get angry of the same thing. With people valuing different things in life than another, different situations bring out their power. Actually, it does not necessarily have to anger. If somebody has something they care about, when they get serious of now, their power will reveal itself.

What makes the characters cool is the different reasons each one has for living.

Action (Excellent): Why is the action great? It looks great and is supported by a good story. In the first few episode you do not see many elements. The few that you do see can do some pretty amazing things. You have those crappy magic users who think they can do something and then you have those main characters who completely show out.

What makes the use of fire cool is Ayano and Genma. Ayano fuse her fire magic with the sword, Enraiha. This sets her apart from other fire users because she is more of a physical fighter. Now when the time comes, she’ll use some ranged fire attacks.

Genma does a great job at showing off fire’s ranges abilities. He is able to stand in one spot and shower is opponents in waves of flame.

Kazuma shows off the power of wind. Wind is labeled as the underdog of the elements but Kazuma seems to love to prove everybody wrong about that. Genma and Kazuma show that great power takes time to use and takes a toll of the body.

Animation (Good): The anime is good on the eyes. Nothing is amazing except when magic is used at its greatest extent or destroys something. Other than that, there is nothing to really complain about. Although, the minor characters resemble each other a lot, but they aren’t really important…..so…who cares?

Music (Fair): I dislike the opening and ending. They are the only 2 things I constantly skip but maybe that is just because it is not my top of music. Lol too soft for my blood. The music during the anime is not really noticeable. The anime could probably go without music at all and nobody would notice.

Verdict: (Good)


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