Posted August 26, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Gaming

Get Ready To Start Shopping Online More Often

Recently GameStop pulled free OnLive Deus Ex codes out of its new packaging, and then claimed that they don’t want to promote another service because they were planning on starting their own. It’s clear that everyone is now looking into getting their feet wet in the digital distribution market.


I don’t mind buying digital copies of games, as long as a) I get my games cheap and b) the service that I get said games from allows me to re-download my game when I need to. With many services letting us do that now it seems that I’m buying more and more games digitally now with no problem.


If you listen to our gaming podcast GPR, you would know that in the past year I have fallen in love with a service called Steam. I have recently added more than 30 great games to my backlog for under $100 in the past 6 months. SO as you can see I have no problem buying digital games as long as they are cheap.


EA has recently started a Steam-like service called Origin and Gamestop in the past couple months bought the service called Impulse.  So it looks like we now have more ways to get games. This can be good for retailers like Gamestop because now they can let you trade in games at their stores and let you use the trade in credit to pay for games in Impulse.

But having retail exclusive stores can be bad because it looks like now EA is making Battlefield 3 an Origin exclusive for the PC. Does this mean that now we have new ways to get bullied into buying a game at a specific retailer on PC’s now? Oh joy.

What do you guys think? How do you feel that major companies are now investing into the digital distribution market?

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