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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 16

Can't say "Blue Exorcist" is as boring as some of the previous episodes. With the secret of Rin's power out in the open, it's interesting to see how everybody reacts. Not everybody has the same feelings for Rin. Friends, enemies, and souls who do not know him are all in one episode to decide his fate. (more…)


Check Out This New Anime: Thundercats Episode 1-2

Deciding to take a crack at an Anime Review for once. Today I will be reviewing the very 1st episode of the revamped Thundercats Series is currently shown on Cartoon Network. HOOOOOOOOOO! (more…)


SIWT AfterShow 8/3/2011

Playing  catch up.. (more…)

Movie Reviews

Should I Watch That 8/4/2011

Yup we're back! After a long hiatus, in this episode we review Cowboy and Aliens, The Aftershow where we review both Harry Potter and Captain America will be up shortly. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 2

This anime is looking pretty nice, but it is only the beginning. It already obvious how Kazuma may actually feel toward his cruel family. His motivation for power is there. Has he found out the true identity of the culprit who attacked the Kanagi family? (more…)

Movie Reviews

Should I Watch That, Back Tomorrow

Where the hell we've been... (more…)