Posted August 1, 2011 by CliffyH in Movie Reviews

Should I Watch That, Back Tomorrow

Where the hell we’ve been…


I know, we are not exactly all stars when it comes to scheduled releases. Sometimes we are here every week around Wednesday, and other times (like now) we are just M.I.A.

SIWT is not done, in fact we have a “SHITLOAD” of things to talk about on our upcoming show which will be recorded tomorrow night and released immediately. Lately we have been down some people, lack of time availability, and just dealing with plain old shitty recording software. For those who still listen, again, we sincerely apologize. I really would like to say that this will never happen again, but I do not know the future. I and many others on this site will be starting school again very soon and  it’s going to be a doozey just to get a time slot to record alone, but we are not giving up that easily.

On our next show we will not be reviewing 1, or 2 movies, but 3; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part:2, Captain America, and Cowboys and Aliens! We will also being doing a after show with will contain trailer talk, what we have been watching, and news (probably not in that exact order)

Our Humble Apologies,
Should I Watch That Hosts, Cliffy and Roddy


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