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The Reactor: Fads and Rioting goes hand in hand.

Back and better than ever, Chris returns with his GPR brethren to talk about riots, fads and Rebecca Black?

After a long Hiatus, the BlackHulk is back and ready to talk about what grinded his gears over his break. We also have a new segment call ” Whats your Reaction” that will challenge people in what if scenarios.


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 8/10/11 Reactor Show Script



  • Talk about my hiatus[1:20]
  • Introduce Guests[2:10]

What Grinds My Gears [2:58]

  • [This is a new segment where I pick a couple things that I may have seen over the week and we talk about how it may annoy people.]
  • This week we will talk about how Black guys what to dye their hair like Wiz Khalifa.[3:30]
    • This also leads to how I hate fashion trends and people that LIVE for it.[9:25]
    • Fads-owling, planking [20:08]

      GPR Host James Planking

    • Hipsters [27:50]

The News You Never Hear About [29:30]

  • This segment is where we find weird news stories from around the world and talk about it.
    • Player With Down Syndrome kicked off football team [29:50]
    • London’s Riot[38:00]
    • Riot Pictures
    • Rebecca Black Left School Due to bullying [52:35]

Viewer Mail [01:01:45]

  • Read Viewer Comments and emails
  • askthereactor@mediabeast.net

What’s your Reaction? [01:02:30]

  • [New Segment where I or a viewer sends in a scenario and the guests and I would discuss what you we do in that certain situation.]
  • This weeks…[TBA- I have it but it’s a surprise haha ]

Final Reactions[01:11:50]

  • This is where I give my final impressions on whatever we talked about this week
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