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Easter Egg

GPR Easter Egg – “Gears of War 3”

Hey guys trying something new this week. To make sure that you all get all the content you deserve we've decided to give you Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs are anything that we didn't get to talk about in the last episode. This week James and Roddy go in-depth into their Gears of War 3 experiences and tell you all their first impressions. Enjoy! Leave a comment on what you guys think.  


Final Impressions: Sacred Seven

Sacred Seven is finally done. Although this anime has its share of flaws it still manages to pull MEDIABEAST through its whole series. The key thing of this anime may not be the story, but the action and animation sure are enjoyable. Let's go over well Tandouji should feel about his performance after his final battle. Story (Fair): The biggest flaw of this anime is the fact that some things go unexplained. The plot of this anime follows the sacred power of these crystals that give the bearers, Darkstones, unimaginable power. But....where did these crystals come from? Why were they created? You never find out. All that is revealed, is that Kenmi, the main villian, wants to harness all the power and everybody else aims to stop him. [caption id="attachment_5211" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Tandouji"][/caption] The main character, Tandouji, in our opinion, does not truly play a key role in the story. Other than him b...

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 24

As Satan possesses Yukio for another episode, Blue Exorcist delivers a nice episode with almost everything you can ask for. A lot of character involvement, good action, and, most importantly, a good story. It gets slightly cheesy toward the end but the show is not over just yet. (more…)


Should I Watch That — Ep. 13

Finally! We're back (hopefully, this is the last time we have to say that for a while)! This episode has been a long time coming and we, at MediaBeast, hope you can accept our deepest apologies for that. We tried to record this at least four times over the course of a couple weeks but luck refused to be on our side. Equipment failure, scheduling issues, lost recordings (we actually did an entire, 2 plus hour episode a week ago but it vanished as soon as we finished it), a surprise departure of one of our own...things were certainly not looking great for SIWT. However, we've since gotten things worked out so SIWT should be on a more consistent schedule for here on out! This comeback episode is more streamlined than our normal episodes so naturally, it's on the shorter side for us, clocking in at a little over an hour; it was recorded in the middle of the week, when the crew is the busiest. Regardless, the crew wanted to do their...


The Avengers Preview Added To Captain America Blu-Ray

Watch it here just in case you missed it at the end of Captain America.  (more…)


Don’t Over Hype Yourself This Fall

Sometimes you might just have to take a break. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 23

This episode might not go the way you expected but it was still epic. The older brother, Yukio, finally has his moment and this episode shows me the most in a story I have ever seen out this anime. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Sacred Seven 11

What an impressive episode. Things happened a but fast in this episode but the heat is on and it's easy to keep up with. (more…)


Dead Island Review

Who do you VooDoo? (more…)


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review (Second Opinion)

This is my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. BeastNotes Version:  As stated in the previous review, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is all about choice.  This is apparent in the game.  You have many ways to complete a mission and the consequences may or may not be as rewarding as one option.  The campaign/story can be short to some people, but it is the side quests that makes the game lengthy and fun.  Also, the side quests can give substantial rewards and, most importantly, experience for you to upgrade your augmentations. The way you go about the game is all up to you.  It is your choice.  As stated before, one way will be more rewarding than the other.  In general, being stealthy will yield maximum benefits in the form of experience, but you can run and gun if you choose to do so.  Overall, the game is fun, especially if you prefer the stealth part of the game.  A.I. can be a little clunky at times and certainly predictable...

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Sacred Seven 10

Fans may have thought this episode was just good, but I thought it was excellent. Aside from the slow start, Sacred Seven finally delivers the answer to the question I’ve been asking, “What is the point of the anime”. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Sacred Seven 9

The point of this anime has yet to be revealed, but at least they are showing progress in the main Character, Tandoji. It's not picture perfect, but "Sacred Seven" standards, it'll do. (more…)


Random Thought About Gaming “Journalism”

Notice I used the quotations.  (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 22

I never fell so much in love with a “Blue Exorcist” episode until now. The Vatican is under new leadership and the transition of power is quite hectic. Before anybody has time to get settled with anything, order goes into chaos. (more…)


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex was once considered the best action RPG of all time. Does this prequel live up to the hype? (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 21

Another impressive episode. Looks like “Blue Exorcist” is on a roll. Rin shows what it means to believe that every person, whether demon or human deserves a chance to live in peace. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 20

The story is getting quite hot. Rin’s life is becoming more valuable as time progresses and it is putting the ones close to him at risk. Will only Rin get stronger or will the rest of the cast join him in the quest for power? (more…)


Heroes of Newerth Review

*Disclaimer - This is a long review.  I can't exactly review this game in a short fashion that would give a feel of how this game plays* Background: With the MOBA genre increasing in popularity, there are a slew of games that are being released to try and get their hand in the cookie jar.  It all started with a Warcraft III custom map named Defense of the Ancients or more popularly known as DotA.  DotA is arguably the father of MOBA gaming.  However, DotA was restricted and constrained by the engine on Warcraft III.  With that said, it became a race for developers to create a game that was similar or as addictive as DotA. That is where Heroes of Newerth comes in.  Heroes of Newerth, or HoN for short, was S2 Games  attempt to recapture the essence of DotA.  In the beginning stages, HoN caused a lot of controversy with critics saying that it was an exact port to DotA without offering anything new to the table.  It also drew a ...

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Black/White Review

Has the vast world of Pokemon come into a new golden age or were we delivered the same game that we usually get?  (more…)


Madden 2012 Review

Does this year's installment of Madden bring anything new to the gridiron?  Let's find out. (more…)