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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review (Second Opinion)

This is my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

BeastNotes Version:  As stated in the previous review, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is all about choice.  This is apparent in the game.  You have many ways to complete a mission and the consequences may or may not be as rewarding as one option.  The campaign/story can be short to some people, but it is the side quests that makes the game lengthy and fun.  Also, the side quests can give substantial rewards and, most importantly, experience for you to upgrade your augmentations.

The way you go about the game is all up to you.  It is your choice.  As stated before, one way will be more rewarding than the other.  In general, being stealthy will yield maximum benefits in the form of experience, but you can run and gun if you choose to do so.  Overall, the game is fun, especially if you prefer the stealth part of the game.  A.I. can be a little clunky at times and certainly predictable and the game can also have a couple of hiccups here and there, but overall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution provides a fresh experience outside of your typical shooters/action games.

Story:  Deus Ex: Human Revolution starts you off in the shoes of Adam Jensen, chief of security for Sarif Industries.  A major revelation has been discovered with the abilities to use augmentations (prosthetic, mechanical parts that can be used to enhance human abilities) without the drawbacks.  However, it turns out that the world is not ready to learn of this discovery and a group of mercenaries break into the building and basically destroy anything that has to do with the research as well as kidnapping Sarif’s scientist.  Unfortunately, Adam Jensen is seriously injured.

Luckily, Adam Jensen is saved thanks to the very same technology that got him injured.  Six months later, Adam Jensen arrives at Sarif Industries as a augmented badass and is immediately called into duty to pacify a situation in Sarif’s Milwaukee junction.  With his new toys, Adam is easily able to dispatch of the crooks, but it turns out that there is more to the story than a simple break in.  As Adam Jensen continues to follow lead after lead, he learns more about Sarif Industries’, as well as the world’s, deepest, darkest secrets.

Presentation:  Deus Ex: Human Revolution has great graphics.  Not the best graphics, but good nonetheless.  The only problem with the graphical nature of the game is that it has a sort of golden sheen to it.  The interact-able items are usually highlighted in yellow, but this feature can be turned off in the options menu and then that minor annoyance will be dealt with.  Sometimes, there are graphical glitches in the game.  Items falling through the floor, people falling through the floor, basically objects going through other objects.  Other than that, the game looks nice.

Now, trailers of the game may have confused some people on whether this game is a 3rd person shooter or a 1st person shooter.  The answer is, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a little bit of both.  Most of the shooting will be done in 1st person, but the camera will occasionally pan into a 3rd person view when you hide behind cover in order to give you a better view of your surroundings.  This takes some time getting used to, but it aids in the stealth part of the game because vision is essential when sneaking.

Besides Adam Jensen’s voice acting, all of the voice acting in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is superb.  Even NPCs have unique dialogue (at times) and you can definitely immerse yourself in the game as the environment seems like a living, breathing city.  The environment is heavily decorated, despite being a somewhat open world.  You will see stores shelved with merchandise, litter on the floor or floating around, bullet holes, and all of the good stuff.  Eidos has done a good job with the details of the game.

Gameplay:  Eidos gave the players of Deus Ex: Human Revolution a couple of options on how they should play the game.  This is definitely apparent in the early stages of the game.  You are given the decision on whether you want to confront the break-in in a lethal or nonlethal manner.  Every mission or side quest has different approaches on how they can be solved.  Every objective can be reached from a different path.  Eidos included this in order to give every playthrough a different experience.

You can choose to either play the game in a stealthy approach or a rambo playstyle, lethal or nonlethal.  The choice is yours.  Unfortunately, Eidos gives the stealthy players better benefits while the run and gunners get the shaft.  This should not hinder your gameplay experience, but it does slow down your rate of progress due to getting less experience from killing and getting caught.  Although Deus Ex: Human Revolution has weapons, the choice of weapons is really lacking.  Therefore, it may seem like weapon combat was gimped in this game.

The story is interesting and can be confusing at times if you choose not to do the side missions.  The side missions are really important because they open up background information and also fill in the gaps of the main story.  I would advise you do them when you can, but keep in mind that advancing the main story will often times cause a side mission to disappear.

Eidos failed to emphasize that exploration is a big part of the gameplay, and those that choose to do just that are rewarded significantly.  Discovering new areas, new paths, doing side missions, hacking computers to access information and rooms, and so on all reward you with some amount of experience which in turn is used to upgrade your augmentations.  Upgrading your augmentations further improves your gameplay experience and even opens up new paths to explore.  With that said, it would be wise to do a bit of exploring in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

As mentioned before, and in the other review, the A.I. can often times give terrible battles.  They can be quite predictable or even unpredictable.  One minute, they could miss all of their shots.  In the next minute, they could have deadly precision.  Eidos also decided to include boss battles, which can be extremely frustrating if you do not sit for a minute and think about how you want to approach the battle.  The boss battles may seem impossible if you are heavily underleveled, but Eidos has included alternative means to deal with these bosses.  It is up to you to find those ways.

What You’ll Like:

  • Choice (gameplay, dialogue, etc)
  • Stealth gameplay
  • Story
  • Voice acting


What You’ll Hate:

  •  Short story (w/o side missions)
  • Dumb A.I.
  • Slow gameplay
  • Killing not as rewarding

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I thought Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a great game.  Possibly one of the best games I have played this year, but I will hold my title until the year is over with the big name releases coming out soon.  I will say that Deus Ex: Human Revolution does have a chance to at least hold a candle to the other potential game of the year candidates.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story as well as the stealthy elements required in the game.  I did as many side missions as I could in order to flesh out the story and get experience in order to upgrade my augmentations.  I must say, having upgraded augmentations make the game a much more enjoyable experience.  Thus, doing the side missions and exploring are completely worth is.

With that said, I give Deus Ex: Human Revolution a B+

Buy It:  If you want a game with replay value.  Despite not having a new game+, with a different approach to the game, you will be able to experience a different playthrough each time.  Also, buy this game if you enjoy games that require stealthy gameplay as well as a nice story to back up the gameplay.

Rent It:  Only if you want to go through the story quickly and not explore the options that you are given.  Also rent if you are a trophy whore as this is one of the easiest games to platinum/get all the achievements.

Skip It:  If you are not into stealth games or games that require a little bit of thinking in order to finish.  This game thrives on immersion so simple minded gamers should stay away if you refuse to do any exploring and such.

*If you wish to check out my personal playthrough of the game, feel free to check out my youtube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/arecxp


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