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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex was once considered the best action RPG of all time. Does this prequel live up to the hype?

Developer: Eidos/Publisher: Square-Enix/Platforms:PS3, Xbox 360, PC/Rating: M/Players:Single Player














BeastNotes Version: One of the major selling points of Deus Ex is all about having choice on how you finish a mission. Eidos got this right, there are multiple ways you can complete a mission. If I had to do a mission where I had to get a flash drive from an NPC, I could either do whatever side quest they would put me on. Or I could just kill them and loot the body for the flash drive.

Now of course doing the side missions and being generally sneaky will get you more experience points. And that is my major gripe with the game. The experience point system is one-sided. You get more points for being sneaky and subduing your enemies than for just shooting them. So people who plan on shooting their way through the game will slowly gain levels. The game rewards you for being sneaky, but running and gunning will feel a little shallow because the game seems to be a little harder to play this way.But all in all this a very solid game.




About ten years from now, the United States is going to start pushing the ability to install mechanical parts that partially or completely replace human anatomy. You play as Adam Jensen, the director of security for Detroit’s Sarif Industries, a small but rising company in the augmentation field industry.

One night, Adam is nearly killed and his ex-girlfriend Megan is abducted by a heavily-augmented group of mercenaries. Adam is then saved by the surviving scientists who rebuild him from scratch with the enhanced body parts that Sarif manufactures. Six months later, he’s recovering nicely, and Sarif calls him back to work one night to deal with a group of terrorists who’ve captured a manufacturing plant, which starts a line of inquiry that brings Adam into conflict with other separate globe-spanning conspiracies.



It has been years since the last Deus Ex. Now because of that don’t think that Eidos has spent years on this game because they have not. Deus Ex looks great at times, but now and then you will get texture pop-in. The colors of black and yellow is very present in the game as in world items glow yellow when you can interact with it. It’s pretty obvious sometimes that Eidos only worked a couple of years on this game but it is still a very great looking game in its own right.

This game looks great but I feel that the character animations could have been done better. The characters in this game seem to be a little robotic. No pun intended. This maybe a common trait in games like this, but it would have been great to see better animations in this game.

Another gripe that I have with this game is that it will go from 1st person to 3rd person when you are hiding behind cover, but when you are in combat or walking in the open world you will be in 1st person. This bothered me because sometimes I want to play 3rd person but there isn’t an option to play this way automatically.

The world in this game is full of surprises, whether it be a new way to enter a building or finding something hidden. The world isn’t one huge level, there are different city hubs like Detroit and Shanghai, and traveling can be a pain because this game has LONG load times. I sometimes found myself thinking twice before I entered a building because I didn’t want to wait.



So generally speaking, many games in this genre tend to have a rather dull story that disappear once your quest log fills up with side quests. In Deus Ex Human Revolution, Eidos solves this problem by letting you do side-missions, but once the main story plot gets to a certain point they will be erased and you won’t be able to do them. This helps out so that you can actually get the jist of the story and not become overwhelmed with sidequests.

Something that I love about this game is the choice that you have when you play. If a mission calls for me to retrieve a flash drive from someone I can complete it in a number of ways. I can do whatever side-quest that person would probably send me on to get the flash drive from them, or a can pop a cap in them and loot their body for the flash drive. Now granted when you take the long route you will get more experience points, and these exp points play a big part in this game.


When you gain exp in the game, it goes towards your next praxis point, and praxis points go towards your power ups in the game. These power ups dictate how you will play the game. If you want to play stealthy, you can add points for a cloaking device. If running and gunning is more of your forte then upgrade storage space and defense.

Another major part in this game is the hacking terminals. It’s another form of gaining exp, but you do have to commit some praxis points towards it so that you can hack more terminals and make it easier to do.

Now something I don’t like about this system is that certain points in the game will force you to be in combat or play stealthily. Committing all of your stats to stealth will make boss fights very difficult and vice vera with combat players going into stealth positions. A simple fix would be to put stats on all upgrades, but getting exp for playing stealthy is easier than running and gunning.

Also the A.I in this game can get pretty bad in this game. There are times where I would alert the guards, they would chase me down and watch me run into a ventilation shaft. Give or take 30-60 seconds later, they would give up chasing after me and go along with their lives. Once again, this is just a problem we see in many games like this but it would have been great to see something new.

What You’ll Like:

  • Multiple ways to finish missions
  • Because of the variety of ways  to play the game, multiple replays are encouraged
  • A ton of upgrades for Adam
  • Dialog Choices really affects how a conversation will end up.
  • Side Quests aren’t pointless because many of them give some form of back story


What You’ll Hate:

  • Exp point system seems to promote playing sneaky over running and gunning.
  • Long load times
  • Even towards the end game you can die easily if you don’t play seriously
  • The Switch between 3rd person and 1st person is involuntary
  • The storage system is grid like(like Resident Evil 4)


Final Thoughts:



Buy It: If you love a mix of RPG and shooting. If you are planning on playing this game multiple times, get this game. 


Rent It: If you’re not a fan of RPG’s but can tolerate it then you might like this game. If you plan on playing through it only once. If you’re not planning on replaying this game rent this game.


Skip It: This has a mix of RPG and shooting that is pretty average both ways. If that bothers you then skip this game.



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