Posted September 21, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Gaming

Don’t Over Hype Yourself This Fall

Sometimes you might just have to take a break.

Today I found myself being the only guy in one of my classes, and one of my male teachers called in sick. I guess it’s that time of year where people call in sick, boyfriends neglect their girlfriends, and college students grades drop. It’s officially gamer-geddon.


Now don’t get me wrong, I picked up my copy of Gears of War 3 and I love it. So far I’ve only had the time to play a bit of multiplayer, and I’m going to run through campaign  maybe later this weekend or next week. But are we getting way too hype for these new games?


I’ve had a conversation with a friend recently and he asked me how come I wasn’t super hyped about Gears of War 3. Apparently he felt that he was the most hyped about the game  and felt that I wasn’t excited for the games coming out this fall. This year has taught me something very important, don’t over hype a new release. I know that I shouldn’t compare games like Brink to Battlefield, but with all the hype going into the these games I feel that we might spoil the experience of these AAA title games by over hyping it.

I feel that this is going to happen to Battlefield 3 this fall. we recently found out that the beta for the game will be the same as the alpha some of us got to play earlier this year. So far DICE has received a lot of backlash on their forums because of the Beta being to similar. I feel that those people need to chill the hell out. If you don’t like whats being put on the Beta, the don’t play it. It’s that simple.

I’m probably just stressed from school and work, but I just want to remind you guys that you must do everything in moderation. If you try to live and breathe a game before it comes out, don’t be surprised if it disappoints you in some way. Take some time to try other games, or can try to knock out some of those games on your backlog.


What games this year just truly disappointed you because you over hyped it?

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