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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 20

The story is getting quite hot. Rin’s life is becoming more valuable as time progresses and it is putting the ones close to him at risk. Will only Rin get stronger or will the rest of the cast join him in the quest for power?

Rin’s life is not the same as it used to be. With his powers and origins revealed, many demons and exorcists are after his life. Using any means to kill him, people close to Rin seem to be more affected by this situation than Rin himself. Somehow, his irrational thinking makes him successful, while those who plan things out seem to fail at every chance.

The monastery in which Yukio and Rin were raised is attacked by a mysterious figure, demon or human, who is aiming for Rin, the son of Satan. Like always, Rin is quick to engage the enemy and possibly throwing his life away.

Yukio, the brother of Rin, is feeling helpless, no matter how hard he tries. My main focus of this episode was Yukio. While holding the responsibility of protecting Rin, as things get serious, Yukio may be in for more than he can handle. This episode allows you to see the frustration he goes through to protect somebody who is stronger than him. Yukio shows that in order to uphold to his responsibility, he will do whatever it takes. The only problem is that he lacks the necessary power. Although he is very skillful and determined, it does not look like enough.

The story, unfortunately, still manages to somehow surround Rin. This episode was doing a great job at giving somebody else the spotlight, but Rin still had to be the savior. On the plus side, he has became even stronger…..again….and has still gone undefeated.

Professor Neahaus is back. It is nice to see that he was not thrown away after his role in the first few episodes of the series. He does a great job in this episode as the mysterious character who may know too much. Out of all summoners, he still shows the most skill in battle.

This episode does a great job at including other factors of the plot. Yukio’s demon blood has been included in the past few episodes. What it does is still unknown. The Vatican has learned of the door that led to the factory of artificial life and now suspects Mephisto to be a part of it.

Verdict: Good


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