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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 21

Another impressive episode. Looks like “Blue Exorcist” is on a roll. Rin shows what it means to believe that every person, whether demon or human deserves a chance to live in peace.

There are two big conflicts in this episode. Yukio looks like he is about to make one of his biggest decisions yet while Rin faces the decision of his gut vs the Vatican. This episode contains a lot of good characters that any action anime fan would like.

My main focus for the past few episodes has been Yukio. While Rin is going through all his training, Yukio seems to be facing a series of his own problems. What makes Rin and Yukio so alike is that they like to solve their problems without each other. Yukio is confronted by a mysterious masked man that may change his life with the Vatican.

In the last episode, Professor Neahaus reveals the identity of the masked man as his wife. Don’t be disgusted, she just looked like a man when she had her disguise on. This episode does a great job at putting his wife, Michelle, in with the plot. Professor Neahaus stands out in this episode because the feelings and actions towards his wife are what true lovers should be like. Out of all the things Satan and demons have done, Neahaus looks as though, between all the cast members, to be the one who has been most affected. He does some crazy stuff, facing the most crazy circumstances, for some respectable reasons.

Another impressive person character in this episode is Shiemi. It is not much of what she does but what she can do. Her taming powers are quite amusing and powerful in this episode. You get to see where she is most powerful. This episode shows how versatile plant familiars can be. They are useful in defense, healing, and now offense. Go Shiemi.

Rin has some true guts, but it is only because he knows he has the power of Satan. All he cares about is protecting his friends. This is the fuel for his power. Although it makes Rin look stupid sometimes, it always seems to build the plot of the episodes. His irrational decisions always affect more than him. When Rin is faced by the Paladin, Sir Auguste, you can see that he does not give a care about who he has to fight to protect his friends. It’s one crazy kid.

Verdict: Excellent




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