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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 22

I never fell so much in love with a “Blue Exorcist” episode until now. The Vatican is under new leadership and the transition of power is quite hectic. Before anybody has time to get settled with anything, order goes into chaos.

This is, so far, the climax of the series. The Vatican have betrayed many of their own. Mephisto has been arrested, the school has been closed, and Yukio shows he will do whatever it takes to follow the footsteps of his father and protect Rin.

Confusion is one of the worst ways to start something. As the Vatican elects their new Pope, nobody but the highest powers seem to have a clue of what is going on. Everybody is only fed the general knowledge and is not even given a chance to choose what they want to do. This episode does a great job at showing how easily higher powers can control affiliations with only brute force.

So many things change so quickly. That is the biggest cause of confusion for the characters of this episode. The Esquires have little to no time to adjust to the new order before they begin to question things. The only person who is initially able to keep up is Yukio. His decisions are haunting him from one episode to another.

Yukio and Rin seem to be on opposite sides of the field. This is often the case when two seem to have the ame goal with different methods. While Rin has no idea what is going on, his loud-mouth, irrational actions, and kind heart seem to get him in more trouble than he can handle. Yukio completely understands what he needs to do and why. He puts the the goal in mind in front of the guilt and becomes more serious than ever. But is he making the biggest make for not just him but, Rin and that whole fate of Assiah as well?

This episode leaves us with a big hope for the next episode. Things looks as though they are really about to explode. Sir Auguste sticks to his hatred of demons, no matter how it is carried out.

Verdict: Excellent


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