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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 23

This episode might not go the way you expected but it was still epic. The older brother, Yukio, finally has his moment and this episode shows me the most in a story I have ever seen out this anime.No fights needed. This episode of Blue Exorcist is one of the favorites. Yukio realizes and acts upon his mistakes and he finally sees the truth. But like all revealing moments, it might be a bit too late. His intentions and secrets are out and there is nobody to question him anymore. His fate is now the main focus of the anime.

Yukio’s older brother mentality lushes out and takes control. Saving Rin and the name of everybody he truly cares about. This episode does a great job at keeping you wondering about Yukio’s demon blood. Although he is a genius, his emotions still have the power to overwhelm him, causing him to do thing he knows he usually would not do. But this has been the case for the past few episode. He is having one epic identity crisis. Never let you emotions take over in a demon filled world.


Fortunately, Yukio is only half of the episode. The best part lies in his confrontation with Satan. Satan decides to show Yukio the truth of the past, his family’s past to be exact. The best part of this is its quality. Yuri, the mother of Yukio and Rin, Satan, and Fujimoto has one of the most interesting lives together. Satan’s personality¬†was not always as cruel. If you ever wondered how close a demon can be to a human, be kidnapped by this memorable flashback. Touching even.

One of the biggest themes about this episode is how relationships, no matter how close, can be torn apart because of different beliefs. In this anime, if somebody disagrees, either somebody gets hurt or a lot of people die.

Rin, pretty much, was out of this episode. The one episode without much word from him is quality and I like it that. But I am ready for him to come back in this next episode, only because I know only he can do something at this moment. This episode leaves us at the next big conflict.

Verdict: Excellent


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