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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 24

As Satan possesses Yukio for another episode, Blue Exorcist delivers a nice episode with almost everything you can ask for. A lot of character involvement, good action, and, most importantly, a good story. It gets slightly cheesy toward the end but the show is not over just yet.Is there a limit to Satan’s power? In the midst of battle, he seems to be unbeatable in physical combat. Maybe that is a sign t never try to fight him. Episode 24 of Blue Exorcist does a great job on focusing on Satan’s dream. Despite the good fights and brief touching moments, the part that stands the most out to MEDIABEAST is Satan and his reasons for the conquer of Assiah. It is more original than the usual world domination plot of most animations.

Hero of the Day

The first good thing about this anime is how most of the characters, still alive, get a piece of that Satan action. Whether succeed or fail, it is nice to see other people other than Rin trying to throw some blows at the enemy. Although the Esquires battles are quite short, it is better than nothing. The bravest one of this episode just happens to be Shura though. Being one of the most skilled Knights in the series, she really does show out, busting out quite a few nice demon sword abilities. Satan does some nice looking things as well. Other than exploiting his almighty power, some of the simplest actions he does looks quite nice, thanks to the visuals that is.

The choices the remaining characters make in this episode is once again realistic. With the Esquires being teenagers, I can see actual teenagers who are afraid of being afraid making such irrational decisions like these. Despite their power they think they can make a difference. Even Rin, who always believe he has to do everything alone learns things the hard. In the end though, it good to see that most of the characters learn their place in such a tragic moment for Assiah. Go where you are useful.

The key to the greatness of this episode is Satan, himself. I really do admire how his intentions are a lot different than what everybody else believes. The evil, sadistic Satan that everybody sees is not what he believes himself to be. All this chaos is justified in his mind. If you were in his shoes you could feel his pain and see what he is going through. Exactly how Fujimoto affects the decisions on Yukio and Rin, even in his death, Yuri, their mother, has the same effect on Satan. Her involvement in this story seems to be the center of everything. She is truly the most unique person of the anime, so far.

The ending to this episode gets a bit cheesy but it is okay. The level of epicness does not look as though it will go down in the next episode. Although the situation may be a bit different than it was in the beginning of the episode, the next one looks as though it should be a matter handled by some of the most skillful Exorcists of Blue Exorcist. Be sure to enjoy this episode and tune in to the next.

Verdict: Excellent


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