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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 10

Fans may have thought this episode was just good, but I thought it was excellent. Aside from the slow start, Sacred Seven finally delivers the answer to the question I’ve been asking, “What is the point of the anime”.

So far, other than the outrage from the first episode, this episode might just be one of my favorites. With Aiba’s sister now playing a bigger role in the anime, it is time to actually know who is who. Aoi is the unconscious Aiba twin and Ruri is the one trying to awake her. This episode does a lovely job at explaining exactly why Ruri started this Darkstone hunting corporation. Even with Aoi unconscious, she seems to be more related to the story than Tandoji. Until The anime actually shows and tells us how ties into all of this, he is just the muscle of the show.

Aoi’s situation is changing, and nobody seems to be able to find out exactly what is going except clever old Hellbrick. This whole time, not only did we not only know the point of all these fights, neither did Tandoji. It never occurred for him to ask for Ruri’s purpose in all of this until now. That is only one of the things that bothered me in this episode.

This episode delivers a nice and descriptive flashback. Ruri describes the events that pushed her sister in her unconscious state and the Aiba family into hunting darkstones. You get to see how the Aiba family were in their happy moments. Ruri’s father knew what he was getting himself and, more importantly, his family into. I loved how you could feel the relationship between Ruri and her sister. The guilt Ruri holds has obviously stayed with her all these years.

Not only do you get to see the Aiba family but the Kagami family as well. It is no surprised that they are a family of butlers. It is kind of weird but Kagami’s father makes it awesome. His father was the ultimate butler. I dare not spoil his greatness. All I can say, is that he makes Kagami look a bit weak.

The present attitudes of Kagami and Ruri can be linked to the events of the flashback. It was a very tragic moment for the both of them. I was on my toes when things got hot and destructive at such a sacred family moment. For normal kids, that would be some traumatizing stuff.

Verdict: Excellent


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