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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 11

What an impressive episode. Things happened a but fast in this episode but the heat is on and it’s easy to keep up with.

In this episode, things happen kind of fast. It’s fast paced but it’s easy to keep up with. Unusual for Sacred Seven, but it is worth it. Since the previous episode kind of explained how Kenmi’s goal is ill-thwarted, this episode’s plot fits in well. There may be some things in here that you thought would have turned out a totally different way and may be a bit cheesy, but it does not ruin the episode.

It seems as though, Kenmi has finally decided to make his move. This episode begins in a bit chaos for Ruri and the Aiba Corporation. The corporation faces the possibility of being shut down and it raises some questions? Not just to the people in the anime but to fans as well. Since this situation arose out of nowhere, fans are left wondering why is this happening now. This anime did not do the best job leading up to this big climax. The only thing that makes this episode good is the action and the characters. They distract you from the real problem in this episode.

Remember, there are a lot of cool things that will happen that the above average minded fan will stop and think about, no matter how cool it is. It is going to be hard explaining some of this without few spoilers so be warned.

The maids for the Aiba Corporation are more epic than I thought. (if this anime was about them, it would be better lol) They come out of nowhere and kill whoever is in their way. They have such a strong loyalty to Aiba for some reason that I’m not seeing. She must pay them some very nice money to attack some cops.

The best part of this episode (to me) is Kenmi. Not just what he does but how he explains why is doing it. He gives me the history of the power he chases. His insanity is so awesome in this episode. The way they have him act upon his beliefs and company’s hard work is very epic. Go Kenmi.

Tandouji….if he was to go insane and lose control of his powers it would solve everything. Nobody would be able to stop him. Knight, on the other comes in and does business. It really shows it has what it takes to kill first and ask questions later. Arakune puts up a nice fight in this episode as well. You’ll be pleased when these to get to fighting (even though they aren’t fighting each other). Zero, Fei’s older brother does his share of damage too. It’s the experimental Darkstones that shine in this episode. Tandouji will have his moment in episode 12.

Like always, Tandouji has some sap moments. His role in this episode is not my favorite but there is nothing to do but to watch and wait until he fights.

Verdict: Good


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