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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 9

The point of this anime has yet to be revealed, but at least they are showing progress in the main Character, Tandoji. It’s not picture perfect, but “Sacred Seven” standards, it’ll do.

The main focus of this episode, inside and outside the action, is Tandoji’s growth. Not, he’s not getting any taller (still don’t know why they made him so huge), but he is growing as a person, socially and mentally. As you know, the only reason Tandoji fights is to protect his friends. Now this episode does a good job at showing how people now think differently about him. Whether it can happen like that in real life, I cannot say; not for everybody, at least.

Tandoji also begins to care for people more as well. Unfortunately, it is only the usual people he talks to so don’t expect any new friends to come around just yet. The rock club shows one of its only significance in this episode. It’s pretty sappy but I know the rock club will tie into the story later on. How? I dare not spoil.

I really did enjoy the action in this episode. Although Tandoji did a good job, I would like to focus on Aiba and Kagami first. They get in the action this episode but unfortunately, I kind of wish they did not. Kagami and his mobile suit has yet to impress me. Until he does, I will not begin to see his place in battle. Tandoji, against all odds, shows out. The one thing I do love about Sacred Seven, is Tandoji’s quotes in battle. “Give me something that will slice my enemy in half” (Yes I just made up the last half of that) and BAM!!!!, some cool as weapon.

Verdict: Good


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