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Final Impressions: Sacred Seven

Sacred Seven is finally done. Although this anime has its share of flaws it still manages to pull MEDIABEAST through its whole series. The key thing of this anime may not be the story, but the action and animation sure are enjoyable. Let’s go over well Tandouji should feel about his performance after his final battle.

Story (Fair): The biggest flaw of this anime is the fact that some things go unexplained. The plot of this anime follows the sacred power of these crystals that give the bearers, Darkstones, unimaginable power. But….where did these crystals come from? Why were they created? You never find out. All that is revealed, is that Kenmi, the main villian, wants to harness all the power and everybody else aims to stop him.


The main character, Tandouji, in our opinion, does not truly play a key role in the story. Other than him being the most powerful Darkstone, he does not really have anything to do with the story. He is simply just the muscle. Tandouji is just a lonely kid with power that is changed by the power of friendship.

The other characters, such as Knight, Fei, and Ruri Aiba serve a better purpose to the plot than he does. They, actually have a reason to fight. The side to the story is interesting. They each hold a strong sense of revenge of Kenmi and seek nothing but his fall. Even Kenmi has a nice story. He gives a nice explanation of where the origin of his wish for power came from.

Characters (Fair): This anime has some good characters but could have done a lot better. The problems with Tandouji are numerous. He is too soft. But once he goes Darkstone mode, I do love him. His attitude completely changes and he turns into an awesome warrior. His hobbies, like rock collecting, is kind of awkward. His shyness of girls is kind of understandable. But after all of this, he could have at least gotten a kiss from somebody.


The coolest character would of no surprise be Knight. He is the most ruthless Darkstone on the show. Although his attacks in the beginning of the series seems to go unexplained for a bit, his “kill or be killed” attitude goes a long way. He pairs well with his partner Fei, a timid Lightstone who always wants to do what she can, no matter how weak she may be. She hates feeling useless but Knight must constantly remind she is better off doing nothing.

Kenmi is cool all throughout the anime, no matter which side he is on, good or bad. His character is a good example of how the taste of being rich can drive you crazy.  His subordinate Darkstone, Arakune, is just cool for the sake of being cool. Her laid back attitude is lovable. Seeing her in action is even cooler.

This anime of has some nice sets of characters, but too many flaws, unfortunately.

Action (Excellent): The fights in this series are just gorgeous. They are fast-paced and you can feel almost every hit. The Darkstone powers have a unique feeling towards them. This is where Tandouji stands out. The variety of weapons his Darkstone mode contains are plenty. The quotes he says in battle to call forth weapons are cool. (Makes you wish you could do it)

Every Darkstones has their own fighting style, even those whose powers might be similar. Although Knight and Tandouji supposedly have the same abilities, they fight in different ways. Kenmi’s fighting style is the most physical and most brutal. He lets his fist do the talking. Every other Darkstone has their own sets of moves and uses them in a eye-opening way.

When powered by emotions, anger or greed, the full potential of the Darkstones come out. A rage brought forth from any of the characters is one to remember. Emotions cause for some of the most irrational battle tactics but sometimes it’s so ruthless it’s worth it.

Animation (Excellent): Everything is animated quite nicely and detailed. Each Darkstone looks different from another and look beautiful. Some of the screens in this anime are worth making you desktop background. The battles always look beautiful.

Music (Fair): The music has its moments but it is not something you will try to notice. The music  does not really enhance any part of the anime that well.

Verdict: Fairly Good


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