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Batman Arkham City Review

Developer: Rocksteady

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 *reviewed on the PS3

Genre: Action Adventure, Stealth

Modes: Single Player

Rating: T



Batman is back, and boy is he pissed! I don’t blame Batman for being pissed this time around, he easily took Game of the Year in Arkham Asylum, but this year he has his work cut out for him competing against Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many others.

If you enjoyed Arkham Asylum in some form or fashion than Batman: Arkham City is for you. Rocksteady has somehow took everything that made Arkham Asylum an amazing game and made it even better. The combat is still a blast to play around with, I found myself getting the combat system down pat pretty quickly and once you find out to get through a street fight in this game without getting hurt, then the whole game opens up to you so now you can find new ways to get your combo meter higher.

Rocksteady has once again showed the world that you can make a well polished superhero game. This is my all time favorite superhero game now, move over Spidey, the Bat is back.




When a super hero video game is released we usually expect a cheesy plot , that is not the case with Rocksteadys Arkham Series games. Without giving too much away here is a quick synopsis of the beginning of the game.

Batman Arkham City starts off a couple of months after Batman Arkham Asylum left off, Warden Quincey Sharp has taken credit for stopping Joker in the first game. He uses this to run for Mayor of Gotham and wins. Once he became Mayor he deemed Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary unfit to house the villains and thugs of Gotham. He then buys the slums of Gotham and turns it into a new place to house the villains and super villains of Gotham City.

This includes many familiar faces like Two Face, Penguin, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. Now of course that list is only the tip of the iceberg, as Batman Arkham Asylum teased us with cameos of many of these villains. This time around you will see a good amount of Batman’s famous enemies.


The plot in Batman AC will typically take you about 12-15 hours to complete. I’d recommend getting the game new or from used from GameStop because included in the case is a DLC code for Catwoman and her story fills in the gap between certain parts of the game. You can run through the game without playing Catwomans story mode but the game starts and ends differently than if you start the game without the Catwoman DLC installed. Her DLC adds about another hour or two to the main story. And while you are in control of her you can wander the streets of Arkham City.




Batman Arkham Asylum shocked a ton of people  in 2009 with its detailed environments and stunning graphics. Once again Rocksteady knocks it out of the park with Arkham City. If you really want to be nit picky you can consider Arkham City to be a sandbox game. Arkham City has revitalized the open world super hero genre,and I promise you that in the first 20 minutes you’ll be amazed on how well the game looks.

While playing through the story, certain events will batter and bruise the Dark Knight and will tear his costume, this effect lasts throughout the game, so towards the end game you can see how much crap the caped crusader had to put up with. It reminds me of how at the end of all super hero movies, the main character would go through an intense battle and you would see the damage on their suit.

Batman Arkham City has set the bar for super hero video games once again, everything presentation wise is on par with what you’ll see in a summer blockbuster. The voice acting in Arkham City is spectacular, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their roles as Batman and The Joker. When ever you get these iconic voice actors together, you should automatically know that they will bring their respective characters to life and the voice work will be a blast to listen to.


This is the best part of the game, Rocksteady has created the best gameplay mechanics that I have ever seen in a super hero game, hell I’d even say that it’s the best combat gameplay that I’ve ever seen in a beat-em up. Combat is easy but still is incredibly deep, when you get hit or mess up on your combo meter you’ll know it’s your fault. I dare as best gameplay EVER in an action adventure game.

There is a ton of stuff to do in Arkham City. During the game you must travel around to complete side quests, find Riddler trophies, complete Riddler puzzles, and progress through the main storyline. If you aren’t doing the main story plot you can spend hours searching the city for its many secrets. The Riddler is back and he is pissed that Batman solved all of his riddles on Arkham Asylum. This time around you will have to find 400 riddler trophies and puzzles.

If you get bored with running around Arkham you can once again perfect your combat and predator skills in the Riddler Challenge maps. This mode adds hundreds of hours of gameplay, this mode is what kept Arkham Asylum in my collection and now that we have Batman and Catwoman (Nightwing and Robin soon to be released as DLC) we can now have multiple characters to do these challenge maps on.


What You’ll Like:

  • Incredibly satisfying combat
  • Great Story
  • Plenty to do, this game will keep you busy
  • This is a well polished game.
  • Great Soundtrack


What You’ll Hate:

  • Online Pass for Catwoman should have been included in the game


Final Score:



Final Thoughts:

I doubt it will come as a huge surprise for most when I say that Batman: Arkham City is a top contender for Game of the Year. A lot of the core concepts that made Arkham Asylum such a hit are still present here, including some of the most responsive and brutally satisfying combat featured in any third person brawler.

If you were disappointed in the number of rogues featured in Arkham Asylum, you’ll be happy to note that just about every major Bat-villain makes an appearance this time out. I’ve had a ton of fun playing through the game, and when it comes to the side content, I’ve barely scratched the surface. Arkham City is now officially on many gaming ton ten lists, I’d recommend picking up this game so you can do the same.


Buy It:

If you enjoyed Arkham Asylum this is a MUST buy for you. Also if you enjoy adventure/beat-em ups you will love this game.

Rent It:

If you plan on just running through the story to see what the hype is about.

Skip It:

As a gamer there is no way you should skip this game. Rent or buy this game.


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