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Episode Review: Ben-To 1

I’ve heard of fighting over food but I don’t think I’ve seen it as intense as this. Mediabeast watches the first episode of Ben-To and may just be tuning into the next.

Genre: Action

For a first episode, Ben-To does not turn out the way you’d usually expect it. Ben-To, follows Saitou, a young school boy in Japan. Not much is revealed in this first episode but it is well over enough to make you want to watch the next. The intro into this series is quite nice. They drop us in the presence of a heavily bloodied kid, who just has a talent for taking a beating. Already, you can tell there is going to be a lot of blood flying around.


This episode does a good job at introducing characters as well. Not just Saitou, but others as well. Nobody introduces themselves. You see a character and only learn who they are when their names are mentioned in the conversations. Everything fits right in. The main places are a small grocery store and Saitou’s school. The grocery store seems to hold the plots main focus. (Really? A Grocery store?) There is something about half-priced foods that causes school kids to get violent. When you think about it though, when you are in school and have to support yourself, cheap is the way the go. With that in mind, some people can kind of relate to the fights in the episode, especially if they ever seen two ladies fighting over a bargain.

This episode does has some mysterious but cool aspects. Everybody seems to know what is going on except Saitou. Everybody is making something he knows nothing about seem huge and legendary. It is actually funny if you’re used to other anime and think it is going to something like some secret organization with some cool and over-cliched purposed. Certain girls in this anime contribute widely to the mysterious side of this anime. The few min of action is flawless and beautiful.

Saitou is not the best fighter but, as stated before, he can take a nice beating, With help from a few superiors, it looks like he will be throwing some fists sooner or later. All in all, I’m impressed and can’t wait for the next episode.

Verdict: Good


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