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Episode Review: Ben-To 2

I don’t know how Ben-To does it, but they put a unique twist to something really dumb. I always appreciates half-priced boxed lunches, but Ben-To just makes it all the more interesting.

Sato has entered a new era in his life; the life of bento, half-priced foods. This episode does an amazing episode of showing how that this anime is more than just a senseless battle for food. The writers look as though they put real thought into certain aspects in this anime that are so surprising and clever, it actually makes sense. I also appreciate how this anime utilizes Sato’s attraction to women. Go Ben-To.

Sato (left) and The Wizard (right)

Sato and Oshiroi and have finally joined the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club, under the lead of Yarizui, The Ice Witch. It is under her that they must learn the skill of fighting and ways of bento.

If you choose to see this episode as just pointless battles for bento, that is you. If you appreciate good anime, look at the effort that was put in this episode to explain the things that go with the battles. This episode gives terms and nicknames for people depending on their status on bento and it’s simple. Wolves and dogs are the respectful and honorable fighters for bento, much-like samurais in their time. Of course with honorable people, they have rules. Unfortunately, with rules, there comes those who do not follow the rules and make life for the wolves and dogs harder. The fact that the wolves stick together until the last minute meant something to this episode, as a ┬ásign of respect.

The Wizard

Some of these things, you can actually picture in real life if you were in the wolves situations. Viewing the fight for bento as some sort of tradition that is constantly fouled by selfish people who do not see things as you. But even when go against one who does not follow your rules, you still cannot break your own. Then, wouldn’t be just as bad as them?

Sato and women are hilarious, at moments. He isn’t the obvious perv like certain people in other anime, like Maken-Ki for example. He sneaks his looks in just like every other respectful guy in the world (Oh yeah). There seems to be a bit drama between him, Oshiroi, and Shiraume. It isn’t exactly why Shiraume doesn’t want Oshiroi to be friends with Sato but we will find out soon, no?

Verdict: Good


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