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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 25

What an episode? The Vatican’s strongest exorcist team up in order to stop Satan’s plan. Blue Exorcist always stressed how no Exorcist can work alone, and even in the hardest moments, they stay true to their motto.Things have heated up. Yukio has escaped Satan’s grasp but Satan has accomplished enough to finish his plan of uniting Assiah and Gehenna without a physical body. With a slim chance of the Exorcists stopping him, they  must give it all they have to halt Satan’s dream. It is a father vs sons battle to the end. They are not the only ones in the spotlight, this episode does a good job at including all the other characters who may not amount to Rin and Yukio in power but they do in spirit.

This episode is superb. The most memorable part of this episode is teamwork. You can grasp an idea of the power or the Exorcists, seeing as how each attack must destroy multiple demons at a time in order to have a chance of saving Assiah from the demon invasion. Usually, in climaxes like this, animes focus on the main character being the only one putting effort into saving the world. Blue Exorcist makes sure that, not only the people working with Rin and Yukio, but the other Esquires do their part to. Having only a little training, the Esquires manage to use their brains, which seem to be more advance than most Exorcists ranked above them, to do their part.

The action is beautiful. The base of the action is left in the hands of Yukio, Rin, Shura, and one other figure who everybody liked. Combined, they are more impressive than ever before.

I must always compliment Blue Exorcist on their story. Even in the story, nobody does anything alone. Those who fight alone It always takes two or more to start or finish something. The extent of working together was very unexpected. I enjoy how not even Satan, as powerful as he is, acts alone. He and Yuri share the same dream. To see that he actually has somebody he cares about shows that he is not just your typical villain. Even evil has dreams. But does that truly make him evil?

Without spoiling anything, this is an episode to see, especially if it is the last. We will know soon enough.

Verdict: Excellent


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