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Episode Review: Maken-Ki 1

MEDIABEASt looks at Maken-Ki for the first time. Unfortunately, it only seems like it’s a second rate “Freezing”. Aside from that, it looks like another predictable ecchi. Lucky for this anime, the action looks like it will be enough to keep us coming back.

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, School

This anime does not look like it is going to bring anything new to the table, at all. Although, this first episode is not so bad, everything in it has been done, over and over. The only thing worth the time for the first half of this episode is the ecchi-ness. (Big for no reason)

Takeru (left) and Harune (right)

This episode starts off real slow. It takes a while before anything becomes truly interesting. We’re dropped into a new school year where a previously girls-only boarding school has just turned co-ed. The main female, Harune longs to see her old friend Takeru. Already, not even 5 mins into the anime, you get the good old to hand slip to boob-touch. (Really?!)

It is only the first episode, so cant expect anything too amazing. This anime does do a good job at explaining where Takeru comes from and what kind of character he is. His role in the anime looks to be amusing and amazingly lucky. Harune, a nice girl and all but this anime did not do a good job at hiding her feelings. First episode and you can already see her jealousy.

If you are a fan of “Freezing”, this anime will remind you too much of it. This episode does have a nice first fight scene. That was definitely one of its ups. It was short and beautiful. Although the fighting and weapons may not seem original, they still look good. The conflicts, however are a bit random. Some of the relationships in this episode seem to have happened randomly. Hopefully, the anime will succeed in explaining some background for some of these weird characters.

The situation Takeru, finds himself by the end of the episode does not make sense. It’s hard to relate to because it is very unlikely and unrealistic of this happening to a guy on his week, let alone day, of school. This anime better have some type of secret weapon to make up and explain all of this.

Verdict: Fairly Good


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