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Episode Review: Maken-Ki 2

Not pleased very much. Maken-Ki is becoming quite predictable and the action may not be worth the wait. As the anime begins to explain the origins of the plot, we wonder if we will come back to this series.

Do not expect to be drawn into this episode. Unless your only motive is the women, you can probably skip and skim through half this episode.

Takeru has experienced his first night living with the girls and it seems to be more painful than pleasurable. Everywhere he turns, he is getting a piece of heaven followed by a piece of hell. The worst part is that some of it is predictable. Experienced anime viewers can be able to tell exactly what is going to happen in the house next.

All you have to know about this episode, is that Takeru is a big perv. This episode delivers a huge perverted scene that the censoring doesn’t help at all. Somehow, the perverted scene does lead to the only sense of plot in the episode. This episode begins to discuss the pairing of guys with Maken, the girls who can summon weapons. This episode does manage to do a good job at showing that there is a huge variety of weapons.

It seems there is an upset this year. Usually, Makens are linked with an element but there is a problem with Takeru and two others this year. This seems to be the conflict of the episode. This is, unfortunately, the only serious moment.

To add to the drama, Haruko is steadily being jealous of almost everything that has to do with Takeru and a girl. Takeru seems that he might develop feelings for Inaho, his self proclaimed fiancee. This episode could have been a lot better. There isn’t that much to it.

Verdict: Fair


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