Posted October 7, 2011 by Rod in Movies

Should I Watch That — Ep. 14

Prepare yourselves for a heavy helping of SIWT! This week, we catch up on films we’ve missed recently, gain a second wind for David Fincher’s latest, analyze the continuing fall of 3D, get excited about the long-awaited return of one of the greatest shows to ever hit television, and review a show that redefines what TV can be.
We did something a little different this week, opting to review a TV show rather than a film, but we feel like it was more than well worth it. If you see the time and get freaked out, don’t worry, the show should run at just barely over two hours; we have a gigantic spoiler section for our review since it’s difficult to speak on without giving much away. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to catch it, and come back to listen!


Whatcha Been Watchin’
Rod – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, 50/50 (3:26)
James – Cloverfield (12:25)
Chris – Crash (19:44)
Shannon – The Bourne Trilogy (23:37)

J. Edgar (28:06)
Justice (32:35)
Paranormal Activity 3 (39:11)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (47:09)

Short Film/Music Video: Insane Office Escape (55:36)
The Dark Knight Criticism Video (1:02:11)
New Scarface Being Prepped (1:19:11)
Paramount/New Regency to Make Aronofsky’s $150 Million Biblical Epic ‘Noah’ (1:25:33)
Arrested Development Returns! (1:32:13)
Nolan/Bay/Cuaron/Wyatt/Yates Interested In Making Twilight Zone Film (1:40:15)
Sony to Stop Paying for 3D Glasses in 2012 (1:45:17)

Breaking Bad – Seasons 1 & 2 (1:53:30)


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