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The Wii U – Did They Jump The Gun?

Nintendo has a history of being the last to reveal a console; however, being last, luckily, has not hindered their sales.  On June 7, 2011, Nintendo became the first company to announce their next generation system, the Wii U.  Aside from the horrible name of the system, Nintendo boasted about how this system was much more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360, how it is now capable of 1080p graphics, and a touchscreen controller they you can use to play your games on.  What made them want to make a new system so fast?  The fact that people were complaining about how the Wii catered to the casual audience and was not a system for hardcore gamers despite being the best selling console of the generation.  With that said, Nintendo hopes to lure back its hardcore gamers with the Wii U.

Now, I am excited with what the Wii U has to bring to the table but I honestly think that they are pushing the system out a little too fast.  We have yet to see what the next Playstation and Xbox has to offer but the Wii U is still being released anyway.  I fear that the Wii U will end up being a very underpowered system, compared to the newer consoles, and then it’ll have to rely on its gimmick controller just like the Wii did.  I think that Nintendo is putting too much trust on the success of the controller.  Imagine playing video games on a controller the size of an iPad.  I would not imagine that being comfortable for games that require precise movement and aim (FPS anyone?).

The Wii U is slated to be released some time after April 2012.  The next Playstation and Xbox are probably not going to be released until late 2013 or 2014.  Technology gets better everyday.  With that in mind, the next Playstation or Xbox is most likely going to blow the Wii U out of the water.  The Wii U does have a year or two head start but without the third party support (games that are not made by Nintendo), then the Wii U will just be a guppy to the sharks.  Who knows how much more powerful the next Playstation or Xbox will be, but I think Nintendo should have waited a bit before releasing the Wii U.  Hell, there is a chance that there is going to be a resolution better than 1080p and that the newer consoles will support it then Nintendo will once again be the only system not supporting the best graphics.  We all know that graphics matter the most in this generation.  Yes, that was a joke for those that did not catch it.

Luckily, many developers are keen to the idea of the Wii U and are interested in developing for it.  Hopefully, that will keep the Wii U alive and well.  Hopefully, those developers do not jump ship to the next generation consoles when they are released.  I believe that the Wii U will only be competitive if it has other developers making great games for the system.  We all know that the best games on the Wii are made by Nintendo.  The Wii U’s game library is going to have to step it up if it wants to compete.  Use that year head start to your advantage Nintendo.  Blow everyone’s minds with innovative gameplay and games to the point that they will have to think twice about purchasing a new system.  If that does not happen, then I am sorry to say that being the fastest in the race does not mean you are going to win the race.  Nintendo, you might very well be the hare.


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