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My Thoughts On Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3

Now that MW3 is finally out I am constantly being asked “What game is better, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3?” Well here is my verdict…. THEY ARE BOTH FUN GAMES!


I believe that competition is a great thing, hell who does not love a good fight? Coke vs. Pepsi, Red Sox vs. Yankees, LeBron VS Getting a Championship… oh wait, sheeeeeeet I took it too far….

Competition keeps developers on their toes and makes them make us great games. I commend DICE and EA for trying to step up to the plate to try to de-rail Call of Duty from the FPS throne. Even though DICE stopped trash talking once Battlefield rolled around, all is forgiven, I love your game DICE.

Despite having a messy open beta and having over 2 million people playing pirated copies opening week, Battlefield has won over a big crowd of gamers who are feeling gaming fatigue from the CoD series. By focusing on objective based gameplay, destructible environments, and vehicle gameplay Battlefield has added a little more to the new mainstream FPS genre. Players will have to work as a unit to be successful in Battlefield 3, and lone wolfing in the game will only lead to frustration and the inedibility of selling your copy.

Gamers believe that Activision will have to change things up next year to win back the hardcore shooter fans, but I feel a little differently. I feel that Activision should go ahead and keep doing what they are doing with the franchise. Now before I start getting hate comments hear me out with this one.

CoD has turned into an arcade type shooter, being easy enough that a casual player can pick up the controller and within a couple weeks of playing can start busting positive K/D ratios per match.

In MW3’s live action trailer, you can see this perfectly. Jonah Hill depicts the person who picks up CoD and is repeatedly making “noobish” mistakes. After a while, Jonah starts to learn how to play and eventually is playing like a pro. He’s basically MLG status.


The reason that I feel that Activision should stick with what they are doing is mainly because of how easily someone can pick up the game.

If Activision makes CoD to easier play for the casual market, they will easily generate more revenue. For one “hardcore” fan that they lose, Activision has the potential for getting three casual gamers to buy their game. The casual market has greatly affected the gaming industry. Think about, it is most likely that your grandmother can destroy you in Wii tennis.

“Hardcore” gamers are essentially outnumbered by the casual market and developers are focusing on making games more accessible to the casual market, because who does not want to have their grandmother use a tactical nuke on them.

Both games have something that makes them unique, and that is what makes both franchises successful. Gamers fail to realize that when someone asks “Which game is a better game?” That question is really asking “Which game do YOU feel is the better game?” This question is a personal opinion. An OPINION! If you do not know the difference between the two, I know someone who can help you out. <– Click here

If I say that Battlefield is the best FPS out on the market and give you a bunch of reasons why, you can try the game out and hate it. At the end of the day, what I say is my opinion.

Now when you ask me “Which game will sell more?” I can give you a fact and tell you that CoD will probably out sell Battlefield due to its popularity and since the casual market is growing every year. People will probably buy CoD just because of the brand name.

At the end of the day, please just remember not to be wrapped up into the hype. Just choose the game that caters to your play style and just have fun.



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