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PSVita and PS3 3DTV Hands On Impressions

With the PSVita being released next year, we  recently had a chance to try it out at Discovery Mills. Three of us at MediaBeast met up to check it out and give our impressions on the PSVita and the PS3 3DTV.

When we met up we were asked “Oh so are you interested in our new handheld? Let me talk to you guys about its features”.

And that’s when we all in unison looked at the guy and told him,” Oh WE KNOW about the Vita”.

The guy then looked at us like…


Right now Arec and I will give our impressions now and Josh will give his impressions during the GPR Year in Review episode.


Chris Blackhorn:


With Apple taking over the handheld market, the question I ‘ve been getting recently been getting is “Should I buy an iPad or wait for the PSVita?” While the iPad is a great device, the iPad is not a gaming device. If you are a gamer or if you are buying for a gamer,then the PSVita will be the device to go with. If you can live with playing Farmville and Angry Birds then by all means go with the apple product. Having all touch controls is something I can’t take seriously yet. It’s great that those games are cheap, but I take that with the saying “you get what you pay for”.

My first impression of Sony announcing Vita a couple of months ago was mixed. I loved the PSP, but after a while the it had lost its flair as a handheld. The games were unimpressive and they many people felt that it was not worth getting due to the fact that everything that was good was either a port from the home consoles or it was going to get an eventual port to the PS3.

So now that Sony’s next handheld is just around the corner, we went to check it out in Lawrenceville, GA at Discovery Mills.

When the Vita was announced, Sony said that it will be on par with the PS3 graphically, and with that I had high hopes for the Vita. I started to play Uncharted and I had to stop and think “Holy Crap!, this is a beastly handheld I’m playing on”. Take my money now!

Now let me say that after I got over the first wow factor that the Vita had, but then I started look even deeper, I then realized, “Hey this nice, but this isn’t even close to the PS3 graphics that were promised.” I sorta felt like this guy.I was expecting this….

but I ended up seeing this……


Nevertheless, the Vita is very impressive as a handheld. The large screen and vivid colors are eye-popping. Something that I love about the screen is that it’s big but its small enough to not be considered a tablet. It is a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, and compared to the PSP it is a bit bigger than the PSP 1000 series. When I got the chance to hold the Vita without the security device it was surprisingly lighter than the PSP 1000.

Another thing that Sony improved on the Vita was the UI for the Vita.  This new is called the Live Arena and its a welcomed change from the current XMB that we have now. When you select an app it will seamlessly pop up and if you need to use another app you can easily go back and forth between them. The only thing you can’t use simultaneously is the web browser and whatever game you’re playing. I can’t wait to stress test the Vita and see how many apps you run at the same time. The standard apps that was on the demo unit was able to run at the same time with no problem.

The last thing I was able to get confirmed was that the Vita will also support backwards compatible PlayStation Portable downloadable titles, PlayStation minis, PlayStation Suite games, PSOne Classics, videos, and comics from the PlayStation Store.  This is great for PS+ members because all of those pointless PS mini games we have gotten can actually be of use now.

So now I finally can enjoy 1000 Tiny Claws where ever I want … HYES!


With two models being released, 3G and wi-fi, I say that if you can see yourself using the 3G anytime sometime in the future, go ahead and get that model at $300. If you plan on getting the Vita for someone younger or if you don’t need 3G then get the wi-fi model at $250. It’s that simple.

Now for a quick review on the 3DTV. I was impressed on the contrast that the monitor was getting. To tell you the truth, I had to really think if the T.V I’m using now has the same contrast.

If you are a gamer that plays in a smaller area, like in your room or if you have your set up on a desk like I do, then the 24-inch display is perfect for you. Working in retail I hear this from customers  “Eww 24 inch, that’s too small”. They sound like a condescending sorority girl. Please under stand that this is not a TV, this is a monitor. You can make it a TV only if your cable providers box uses HDMI. For someone who wants a 3DTV but doesn’t have the money or the space to get a bigger 3dTV then this is the product for you.

At its current price it is not really cost efficient to pay for a monitor over $400. But I can see that the monitor will drop in price soon. Then that will be the perfect time to bite and get one if you already don’t have the tv that you want for gaming.


Arec XP:

I had some time with the Playstation Vita myself and I am going to say that I was impressed with what it was but I was very underwhelmed at the graphics on the PSVita. I will say that I came to the demo stand with very high hopes that this thing was going to blow my mind with the graphics (it did say it was suppose to be on par with the PS3) but I was disappointed when I saw that the graphics were not similar to that of the PS3. Now, I am not going to say that something like that should deter you from buying the system. It was just something I was really looking forward to see.

I was definitely impressed with how the PSVita was designed. My only gripe was the select and start button. I think it ruins the clean look of the Vita. I would have maybe prefered that the PS Home button, select button, and the start button be placed elsewhere on the handheld. The start and select buttons were also a little hard to push down because they are tiny. I have small hands and I had a little trouble pushing them down.

I did not get a chance to try out all the features of the PSVita (mainly the back touchscreen) but what I did try out was really impressive. The touch screen was really responsive and the colors do pop out at you. It has a great display for a handheld. I did not get a chance to try out the camera so I cannot say much there. I just could not find the app for it. I am guessing that was because it was a demo display and they were only really trying to show the touchscreen and graphics.

Other than that, I was very surprised by the weight of the PSVita. It was not heavy and it was not light. It felt just right in my hands. I thought the PSVita would be bigger than the PSP but it actually was not. It is about the same length of the PSP and the PSVita is obviously taller than the two because of the bigger display. The PSVita did not feel cheap at all. It felt really sturdy but that does not mean I will be dropping it carelessly at over six inches.

Like I mentioned before, I was a little disappointed with the graphics but that is more of a personal gripe with me. The PSVita is definitely an impressive device and would be a nice device to have on the go.


As for the 3D Display, I think it has a great design but I honestly do not believe it is worth the $499.99 price tag that Sony is trying to push.  24 inch display may sound small to some people but it is actually a decent size for gamers who will be playing at a desk.  If I had to give a price, then I would probably bite at a $249.99 price tag rather than $499.99.  I would not recommend this display for those that want a full 3D experience (movies and so on) because the small display might not be the best to immerse yourself in 3D.  I would go a lot bigger than that if I wanted to actually feel like I was in the game or movie.



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