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Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office Numbers January 27-29th

Who said that movies in January can't do well in the box office?   This Week’s Top Ten   1. The Grey-$20,000,000 2. Underworld Awakening-$12,500,000 3. One for the Money-$11,750,000 4. Red Tails- $10,400,000 5. Man on a Ledge-$8,300,000 6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close-$7,145,000 7. The Descendants-$6,550,000 8. Contraband-$6,500,000 9. Beauty & the Beast 3D-$5,345,000 10. Haywire-$4,000,000 *est. numbers   The Grey did pretty well for its opening weekend. It opened up with around $20,000,000, beating out Underworld and Red Tails. I guess seeing Liam Neeson do a portrayal of Bear Grylls taking on the wild excited people enough to see his movie. I'm a little surprised that Red Tails fell to #4 already. I'm guessing that anyone that was hyped to see it probably saw it opening weekend. Let’s see how much longer it can star relevant and stay in the top 5.  

Impluse of The Week

Impulse of The Week: Sonic Steam Sale Weekend

Steam got me again... Damn It... I think my impulsion started with me finding out about steam.... Let me go back and remember....   This past weekend Steam put all of their Sonic games on sale. I already picked up Sonic Generations this past Holiday Steam sale. I got Sonic Generations and Bastion for 15 bucks. Yeah that's a full retail game and one of the best indie games of 2011 for 15 dollars. Oh and if you're not american here is the conversions for you. 15 Dollars in US currency = 11.5253 EURO 9.63642 GBP [British Pound] 14.2576 AUD [Australian Dollar] 751.238 INR [Indian Rupee] 1,154.86 JPY [Japanese Yen]   So, I'm hoping you get it now. I'm loving that I can get these classic games for so cheap. Now before you tell me,"Ha look at this noob, he could have totally pirated the game for free". And I reply to this by saying. F*** you! I'd rather support the gaming industry by paying ...


Should I Watch That — Ep. 16

Hello everyone! SIWT returns from hiatus with one of our bloodiest episodes yet as we unleash our individual lists of our favorites/disappointments from 2011. We emerge from the wreckage to make peace when it's time to look ahead to see what's in store for moviegoers in 2012 but it's short-lived as one of the crew continues the madness. Shannon missed the carnage this week but she'll be around when the dust settles to give her Top 5 as well! In the meantime, enjoy this podcast equivalent of Battle Royale! SHOWNOTES (3:11) Josh's Top 5 (7:21) James' Top 5 (14:12) Chris' Top 5 (41:57) Rod's Top 5 (1:02:55) Disappointments of 2011 (1:20:00) Anticipated Films of 2012

Movie Editiorials

Nolan, Don’t Let Me Down

I have faith in Nolan, but I really hope he won't let me down this summer with The Dark Knight Rises . During last nights taping of SIWT, I surprised my co-hosts by wanting to ban the full discussion of The Dark Knight Rises. Luckily for me Shannon[other half of the SIWT team] wasn't present. She would have pulled a Bane on me and broke my back. Let me explain why I wanted to ban it. I really hate hyping up myself of something and then having that experience not live up to what I was expecting, such as watching the Atlanta Falcons in the playoff's, or finally playing a game that took forever to release like Duke Nukem Forever, or worst of all my prom night. Oh God.... just had flashbacks... Don't ask... Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Batman fan, but I just don't want to over hype myself because in doing so I find myself always ruining the experience. Nolan has redeemed and took the Batman franchise to a whole new ...