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Nolan, Don’t Let Me Down

I have faith in Nolan, but I really hope he won’t let me down this summer with The Dark Knight Rises .

During last nights taping of SIWT, I surprised my co-hosts by wanting to ban the full discussion of The Dark Knight Rises. Luckily for me Shannon[other half of the SIWT team] wasn’t present. She would have pulled a Bane on me and broke my back.

Let me explain why I wanted to ban it. I really hate hyping up myself of something and then having that experience not live up to what I was expecting, such as watching the Atlanta Falcons in the playoff’s, or finally playing a game that took forever to release like Duke Nukem Forever, or worst of all my prom night. Oh God…. just had flashbacks… Don’t ask…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Batman fan, but I just don’t want to over hype myself because in doing so I find myself always ruining the experience.

Nolan has redeemed and took the Batman franchise to a whole new level. That is something I can’t take away from him, but I have one problem with the 2nd entry of his Batman saga and I think this video will help fully convey my problem with the movie.Yes I understand that Christopher Nolan used the voice changer to disguise Bruce Wayne’s voice, but Holy Incomprehensible Voice Changing Batman, I could barely understand his voice sometimes. Listening to Batman gargle like a rabid dog has somewhat became a joke now to people who watch the movie. I was really hoping that with the final movie coming out he will see and fix the problem with Batman’s voice.

But recently I watched the prologue to TDKR and I was like…

Are You Kidding Me….


After watching the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises, I realized that not only do we need subtitles for Batman, we are now going to need subtitles for Bane too. At this rate, the last 20 minutes of the movie will be nothing but gargling and explosions.

I know that since releasing the prologue, Nolan has announced that he will touch up Banes voice, but only by a bit. So yeah, I’m going to try to keep myself from ruining this movie by not reading anything related to it. I think watching the prologue has already spoiled enough for me. So whatever….

What do you guys think about the voices in The Dark Knight series, leave a comment.



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