Posted January 24, 2012 by Rod in Movies

Should I Watch That — Ep. 16

Hello everyone! SIWT returns from hiatus with one of our bloodiest episodes yet as we unleash our individual lists of our favorites/disappointments from 2011. We emerge from the wreckage to make peace when it’s time to look ahead to see what’s in store for moviegoers in 2012 but it’s short-lived as one of the crew continues the madness. Shannon missed the carnage this week but she’ll be around when the dust settles to give her Top 5 as well!

In the meantime, enjoy this podcast equivalent of Battle Royale!


(3:11) Josh’s Top 5
(7:21) James’ Top 5
(14:12) Chris’ Top 5
(41:57) Rod’s Top 5
(1:02:55) Disappointments of 2011
(1:20:00) Anticipated Films of 2012


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