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Weekend Box Office Numbers January 27-29th

Who said that movies in January can’t do well in the box office?


This Week’s Top Ten


1. The Grey-$20,000,000

2. Underworld Awakening-$12,500,000

3. One for the Money-$11,750,000

4. Red Tails- $10,400,000

5. Man on a Ledge-$8,300,000

6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close-$7,145,000

7. The Descendants-$6,550,000

8. Contraband-$6,500,000

9. Beauty & the Beast 3D-$5,345,000

10. Haywire-$4,000,000

*est. numbers


The Grey did pretty well for its opening weekend. It opened up with around $20,000,000, beating out Underworld and Red Tails. I guess seeing Liam Neeson do a portrayal of Bear Grylls taking on the wild excited people enough to see his movie.

I’m a little surprised that Red Tails fell to #4 already. I’m guessing that anyone that was hyped to see it probably saw it opening weekend. Let’s see how much longer it can star relevant and stay in the top 5.


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