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GPR Episode 18

- Topic 1- Double Fine Kick Starter Adventure -Topic 2- Is the “Adventure Game” Genre Dead  “It came from the backlog":A game where I list the plot of a game and the co- hosts/ guests have to guess what it is. Best of 3 Wins -Wrap up show

Movie Reviews

SIWT — Ep. 17

Hey everybody! Join us this week as we talk about some recent theatrical releases we've seen, dissect new trailers to a couple gigantic movies coming later this year, and review one of the year's most exciting films yet. Also, Chris teases about some HUGE happenings going on at the site soon! We should be getting our e-mails fixed soon so you'll be able to contact us through that method as well but until then, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the episode or any of the topics discussed! SHOWNOTES Whatcha Been Watchin' (2:30) Chris – Safehouse (7:45) James – Street Fighter Alpha, Joy Ride (12:48) Rod – The Grey, Warrior TrailerTalk (23:07) The Bourne Legacy (29:55) Beyond The Black Rainbow (35:00) The Amazing Spider-Man Review (54:40) Chronicle


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Can the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII live up to the expectations?  Or is it also an overhyped game that will fall victim to its predecessor? Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Platforms: PS3/Xbox 360 Genre: Role Playing Game Modes: Single Player Rating: T BeastNotes: Final Fantasy has solidified itself in the gaming world as one of the best RPG franchises, but, as of late, Final Fantasy has not been giving the gaming world a reason to hold on to that title.  Many fans of the game have been complaining that the series have not been true to its roots and have been weary to try new Final Fantasy games because of that.  Final Fantasy XIII has a love or hate relationship with its Final Fantasy fanbase.  Fans either love the changes or hate it.  As a fan of the game, I will admit that Final Fantasy XIII is nothing like the past games where turnbased battles took place.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the c...


GPR Game of The Year Show: “Was The Chicken A Lie?”

GPR is back and is kicking off the new year with a 2011 game of the year show, along with the game of the year the gang discusses their own personal great moment(s) in a video game, the surprise hits, and the horrible horrible misses *cough* Brink *cough*. Stay tuned


Expand your Pallet

Recently I had a chat with some of the guys in MediaBeast and the topic of motion controllers, and I realized something about gamers. We are picky people....It's sometimes worse than my aunt trying to feed my 2 year old cousin.   I look at gaming like food. Some food you might have to get an acquired taste to enjoy it. Or sometimes if you eat one type of food, like organic food, it may be hard to turn back to junk food, because you feel that it is the right food to eat. On the other hand you have people who only eat "healthy" food and when someone with junk food comes along then that person just won't eat it, hell they might look down on people who don't eat the food that they eat. I feel that sometimes you might want to eat that bag of potato chips every so often. Treat your self to something different. You shouldn't eat only one food group, that's why we have a food pyramid. Oh wait they changed it...

App of The Week

App of The Week: Sleep Cycle

We all hate waking up for school or work after a great or terrible night of gaming with your buddies or playing with that guy that calls you a homo for using the USAS-12. Waking up in the morning sucks. This semester I'm in classes from 9am to 10pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and one class on Friday and I also have work on the days where I'm not at school. This schedule would stop most normal people from playing videos games at night or even try to run a blog. Alas I am no normal person if you haven't figured this out yet. Not only do I play video games, I also have to study for my school work too. So now you're probably thinking, "Wow this guy must really hate waking up in the mornings then", and to be honest you're correct. I actually hated waking up in the morning, but I have found out something that has recently made waking up in the mornings a breeze. There is an app on iTunes called "Sleep Cycle", and how it works is pretty...

Video Game Reviews

What is… The Hype Review Series

What is the Hype Review System? This is MediaBeast's new video review system on YouTube. What we are trying to do with this new review series is capture the excitement or disappointment that a gamer typically has with a game. We split the series into three parts: Part One: Hype Up! Part Two: The Morning After Part Three: When The Smoke Clears   Part One: Hype Up! What this episode captures is the initial hype up that we are feeling for that particular game. Before a game is released, people generally have a level of excitement towards a game. This is due to how well the game is advertised, whether it has a demo, and the general buzz for the game. When we do our Hype Up! Episodes we will: Give our Likes/Dislikes Give our"Hype Level" for the game. Give Release Date Info The Hype Level is scaled from zero out of five. Zero being someone being hyped for Elmo Counts to Three, and five being someone being hyped ...