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What is… The Hype Review Series

What is the Hype Review System? This is MediaBeast’s new video review system on YouTube.

What we are trying to do with this new review series is capture the excitement or disappointment that a gamer typically has with a game. We split the series into three parts:

Part One: Hype Up!

Part Two: The Morning After

Part Three: When The Smoke Clears


Part One: Hype Up!

What this episode captures is the initial hype up that we are feeling for that particular game. Before a game is released, people generally have a level of excitement towards a game. This is due to how well the game is advertised, whether it has a demo, and the general buzz for the game.

When we do our Hype Up! Episodes we will:

  • Give our Likes/Dislikes
  • Give our”Hype Level” for the game.
  • Give Release Date Info

The Hype Level is scaled from zero out of five. Zero being someone being hyped for Elmo Counts to Three, and five being someone being hyped for Half Life Episode 3.

Part Two: The Morning After

This part of the series captures our feeling towards a game post launch. Now don’t expect a full review during this episode. We want to catch the feeling of joy/regret the days after purchasing that new game.

  • Gives the Achevements/Trophy List
  • Day 1 Impressions
  • Where to buy
  • Was the buy worth it?
  • Hype Level

Part Three: When the Smoke Clears


Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for…. The Review.

This is the last step of our reviewing process. During WSC we review the game for what it is, we also talk about whether our Hype level changed while we had the game.

We go over:

  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Buy It/Rent It/ Pass It
  • Final Hype Level
  • Letter Grade

So along the way, we will love to see your comments and feedback. We’d also love to see how hype the community is, so stay active and stay beastly!

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