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The Reactor: Religions and Cell Phones

03/07/12 Talk about week so far News Update Topic 1- Are you celebrating Lent? Are you catholic? Then WTF are you celebrating it? Topic 2- Do you have Nomophobia: the fear of being without your mobile phone? It came from the backlog (movie edition) Same game segment from before, I list the plot of a movie and if you know it, yell out you designated call name and see if you get it right. 1st to 3 questions right wins. Like us on Facebook: Subscribe on our Youtube:

Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office for March 9-11th

This weeks top ten: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax- $38,8 M John Carter- $30,1 M Project X- $11,1 M Act of Valor- $6,9 M Silent House- $6,6 M A Thousand Words- $6,1 M Safe House- $ 4,8 M The Vow- $3,8 M This Means War - $3,7 M Journey 2: The Mysterious Island- $3,6M   John Carter opened up this weekend with a poor second place with 30.1 Million. So far the buzz for this Sci-Fi movie has been lukewarm due to complaints about  uneven plot pacing. With other movies similar to John Carter opening up with stronger numbers, many critics consider it to be a flop.  


The Reactor- ME3 DLC Debate

It's a full house on the reactor as the gang debate the controversy over Mass Effect 3's  DLC. Is EA exploiting its consumers? Perhaps this isn't such a big issue now to many, but we still want to weigh in. Also the show was recorded a day after the news broke and we are late putting it up, so there's that. *Note* We want to apologize for the poor audio, we will try to not let it happen again.