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Mass Effect 3 Review

With the end of one of gaming's most critically acclaimed trilogies, does Bioware deliver an ending the Mass Effect universe deserves or has Electronic Arts made everything they touch turn into a pile of cow pies? *Disclaimer: Reviewed on the Xbox 360*   Story: The universe is on the brink of extinction thanks to a sapient race known as "The Reapers."  All of this drama has been building up through two games and Commander Shepard is still the one running around trying to get the entire universe that the Reapers are real.  Now that the Reapers are attacking every single species in the universe, the universe has no choice but to listen to Shepard.  Despite the apparent danger, the other species were not willing to unite and take on the Reapers.  With that said, Shepard has to be peace maker and unite the species to fight the Reapers who threaten to doom the entire universe. We begin the story on Earth.  Everything se...