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The Future Of Gaming Is In Our Hands


As gamers all around the world now know what the future of gaming has in store, it is up to us to decide its faith.  With Microsoft and Sony going in different directions, it is up to us to let the world know how we want to play our games.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, has recently passed and I might just say it was the best E3 to date.  I am not going to rate how well the conferences did because that is not what this article is about.  Instead, I want to talk to you guys about how you may want to choose carefully on which console to purchase.

Microsoft and Sony both revealed their consoles at different dates.  Plenty of rumors surrounded both consoles, some became true and some were false.  Unfortunately, one of the worst rumors about the next Xbox became true. Microsoft’s Xbox One has policies in place that do not exactly benefit the gamers around the world.  With the Xbox One, you will have to have some sort of internet connection within a 24 hour period in order to “authenticate” your system.  If you cannot authenticate your system, then you will not be allowed to play your games.  Not only that, you cannot share your games with your friends or even rent games from a place like Redbox or Gamefly thanks to Microsoft’s DRM policy.  As you can see, we never really own our games with the Xbox One.  In fact, you could say we never really own the system.  With the recent price announcement, you will be paying 499$ for a box that lets you access a service.  With an additional 50$ for Xbox Live, you can then play your games online with your friends!

Some gamers have heard about these policies and have brushed them aside.  The most common reason is “well, I’m always online anyway so that does not really effect me.  I hardly buy used games or lend them either.”  While it is a somewhat valid excuse, it does not justify what Microsoft is doing to our rights as consumers.  When I buy a product, I expect to completely own the product and use my product to however I see fit.  Things are a little different when you buy something like Netflix because that is a service, not a product, so the movies on Netflix are not exactly yours.  The Xbox One is a product, first and foremost, and so are the video games that will be sold alongside it.  We have the right to play our games on our Xbox One however we choose to do so.  Maybe our friend wants to try out one of our games on his own console.  Microsoft is telling me that I cannot do that?  What if I am moving to another house and I will not be able to get internet immediately.  Will I be able to play my games?  Unfortunately no, you will not be able to play your games without authenticating your system first.  It is a load of crap that we, as consumers, cannot use a product that we buy without abiding to certain conditions and restrictions?  This is video games we are talking about here!

In all honesty, Microsoft’s policies could be easier to accept if they were not selling the Xbox One as a product but as a service instead.  Something like how cable companies like Comcast or AT&T goes about with their cable services.  If the Xbox One was sold as a service where you bought the system with a contract of some sort, then, yeah, your rules and restrictions would be a lot easier to swallow because, technically, we do not really own the console.  However, Microsoft is not doing that.  They are selling us a complete product that is acting like some sort of service that is being forced down our throats because of greed and arrogance.

Sony has come out of E3 looking like heroes of the gaming community.  Not only are they not following suit on Microsoft’s policies, they are at least attempting to get in touch with gamers’ wants and needs.  The PS4 does not need to always be online to play video games and you can share your games with your friends or even sell them.  The PS4 is truly a console for the gamers.  Sony is not restricting us as consumers if we were to purchase a PS4.  Not only that, it is 100$ cheaper as well.


I really do not want to make this article look like I am just straight up bashing Microsoft.  If someone else were to impose these restrictions on us, then I would be saying the same thing about them.

Gamers and anyone else who is interested in buying one of these consoles, be aware of what you are buying.  Your choice of console will let the world know what companies can and cannot get away with.  Do not belittle yourself just because a couple of policies do not effect your present.  We have a right as a consumer to do what we please with the products we buy.  If we want to trade our games, then let us do so.  If we want to play games offline, then let us do so.

Do not let Microsoft bend you over.  “Just take it.  It’ll all be over soon.”

Let your voice be heard by letting your wallet speak.  Microsoft does not care about us as a consumer and you are letting them know that by buying their console.  Please, you do not even have to buy a PS4, just do not buy a Xbox One.

Here’s a video from one of my favorite YouTubers.  It’s completely unbiased (maybe) and will give you a better idea of what’s going on.  And it’s funny.  Enjoy.

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